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SP+ Rankings After Week 13, OSU Drops a Full Point but Still 4 Points Ahead of 2nd.

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November 24, 2019 at 3:39pm

OSU dropped a full point this week after an 11 point win over PSU. While the smaller than expected margin could be chalked up to turnovers there were drives in the second half where the offense simply stalled out(play calling may be the likeliest culprit.) OSU is still 5th in offense and 1st on defense but the gap on offense between OSU and LSU is close to a touchdown. OSU in total is 6.3 points ahead of LSU and 7.4 ahead of Clemson. Bama is still second but there is no Mac Jones adjustment. Other notes:

  • With dropping a point OSU has some major ground to make up to be the best team in the SP+ era. 
  • No changes in the top 10, Orgeon was already outside of the top 10.
  • OSU related teams rankings: PSU 7,  Michigan 10, Wisconsin 12, Minnesota 14, Iowa 21, Indiana 22, Cincy 33, MSU 40
  • OSU could have 8 top 40 wins while LSU could have 6. The SEC is very top heavy with 6 teams in the top 16 and then basically nothing for a long way
  • OSU has the insane chance to have beaten 3 conference champions. UC and Miami secured their spots in their conference championships while FAU with a win or Marshall loss this week will secure their spot. UC would be a big underdog against Memphis but it will be cool to have 3 teams atleast play for the championship. 
  • With very little movement there isn't much to talk about this week. The passing attack is really a concern right now. Fields went 16/22(not bad) but for only 188 yards. PSU just got torched by Minnesota, Tanner Morgan went 18/20 for 339 yards. Minny benefited from a couple broken plays that went for 50+ yards but still that is a huge difference. OSU being able to run all over what is likely the best run defense we will see all year(including playoffs) is a positive sign but hopefully we find a way to open it up a little more. I said it above but I think play calling really hampered us, we ran almost every 1st down and every short yardage situation. 
  • https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28153022/sp+-rankings-w...

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