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Questions About Play Calling Against Penn State.

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November 24, 2019 at 3:48am

I'm not an expert but it seemed to me that the play calling in the Penn State game was somewhat suspect. Even Gus mentions it in the 4th quarter. Two things I question and first are the number of inside runs. It seemed to me that the edges weren't being contained all that well and when they did run it outside they had more success. The second thing is that the weak part of Penn State's defence is the secondary. Anyone who knows anything about football spoke about this all week. Why did they not attack that secondary? It was not a well balanced attack either. There were 61 rushes and 22 pass plays and they had only 3.83 yards per rush. This will not win every game, especially a Clemson. 

I know the weather was a factor in the 2nd half but you can't use that excuse when the first half was the same with no rain.

One thought was that maybe they wanted to just beat Penn State with the most vanilla offence possible so that they could fool ttun more next week. This might just be hopeful thinking but a lot will be revealed next week in the big house.

What do you all think?

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