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SP+ Rankings After Week 12, Here Comes Clemson Destroyer of Worlds

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November 17, 2019 at 7:46pm

OSU is still #1 and if we are taking Bama out, LSU is the next closest team but are 7 points behind us. There are only 3.5 championship contending teams(More on Georgia in a sec) and Clemson/OSU are probably better than LSU. Some insights from SP+

  • LSU should probably worry a little bit, they just gave up over 600 yards and 400 rushing yards to Ole Miss who is the 53rd ranked team and who has the 63rd ranked offense. OSU has the #1 defense and Clemson has #3 while LSU sits at 29. LSU fans can probably point to a letdown but this is the same team who gave up 38 to Vandy and Texas. They gave up 41 to Bama, which is more than Bama scored against Mississippi State, Tennessee, and they scored 42 on Duke. Big names on that defense but it has not been great.
  • Georgia has a much better shot of beating LSU than what is being said. They are just 1.5 points behind LSU. Georgia has a much better rushing offense than the Ole Miss team that gashed LSU. Georgia also has a great defense that could slow LSU enough to keep it very close. The SEC could back into having 2 teams in the playoff. 
  • Clemson demolished 7-2 Wake Forest. Honestly I got very nervous after I saw this score, I originally thought that was better than any win OSU has had. I figured Wake was a top 25ish team, I was very wrong. Wake is the 57th ranked team directly behind FAU and Nebraska. They smashed a cupcake who had been skating by against other cupcakes. Not time to panic about Clemson yet. 
  • OSU is the third best team ever ranked by SP(2005) behind 08 USC and 13 FSU. Needless to say if this team doesn't win it all it will be soul crushing. I understand there is so much left but through 10 games this is the best OSU team ever.
  • OSU related teams: PSU 7, Michigan 10, Wisconsin 13, Minnesota 16, Indiana 20, Iowa 23, Cincinnati 29, MSU 40 (Wisconsin@Minnesota is going to be an awesome game) 


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