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Desmond Howard Disrespects Chase Young

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November 13, 2019 at 4:08pm

We all know Chase Young made a mistake. As Urban Meyer stated, Chase "owned it" and he has paid a penalty in lost games and a chance at the Heisman trophy. Just prior to the NCAA's decision, Desmond Howard took the opportunity to openly doubt Chase's veracity about taking out a "loan". Howard appeared on ESPN's "Get Up", and among other negative comments about Chase, he said: "He said he took a loan - cultural Wednesday - RC, Dom, they will second this - Black student-athletes under the age of 25 don't know anything about loans. They borrow money with the intentions to never pay it back."

So, I gather his point is that he apparently doesn't believe Chase had any intention to pay back the loan because of the color of his skin. SMH.



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