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Comment 22 Jan 2021

Imagine trying to do your job under this stress:

'Aaron received racist death threats as he closed in on Ruth's record. Nearly 20 years after passing Ruth, he shared some of the letters with Sports Illustrated. "My gun is watching your every black move," one read. Aaron also told the magazine he wouldn't sit with his back to a door in restaurants and when he was in public he wouldn't finish a drink after stepping away from it in case someone put something in it.'

Comment 11 Jan 2021

In Ohio State's promo video for this game, Ryan Day is seen rallying his team before the game by saying "Promise me that whatever happens, you guys will stick together!" Gave me friggin' chills watching it. Go Buckeyes! Take heart from the Browns effort against the Steelers last night. But we don't need any luck. Just stick together and do your job and the night is ours.

Comment 08 Jan 2021
Dave Biddle's report of a Possible COVID protocol change within OSU. Start video at 5:09 for the report. I couldn't get it to work using the embed code on my mac.
Comment 08 Jan 2021

Did not read the entire thread, But Dave Biddle reporting that the Buckeyes might have told Warren to pound sand and adopted the CDC's guidelines for quarantine and return to action following a positive test followed by consecutive negatives (i.e. 7 days and 10 days). This would level the playing field with the SEC guidelines.

Comment 06 Jan 2021

I know JC Latham, the number 1 OT recruit this year and number 2 overall in the composite ranking, de-committed from OSU and signed with Bama, but given the more liberal transfer rules, perhaps there is still a way he can come back to good guys now that his position Coach is leaving Bama?

Comment 04 Jan 2021

The point is that OSU needs to "push out" about 2.75 guys per year on average, but Bama pushes out about 5.55 guys per year on average; or double the amount of guys. This makes a difference over time in the quality of the roster. The transfer portal has at least made the situation better for the players.

Comment 04 Jan 2021

No, their totals do not account for that. I checked. I should say the transfer players are listed, but they are not included as counting on the summary page. Thus, for example, in 2019 OSU is listed on the summary page as signing 17 players, but this does not include the 4 transfer players including Justin Fields.

Comment 02 Jan 2021

Without the ability to steal signs, Venables is Vulnerable. Moreover, no OC can prevent your OL from getting run over by a great DL.

Comment 01 Jan 2021

Florida and Auburn get crushed. Georgia squeaks past a non-power 5 team with a 54-yard field goal. Who has Bama been beaten' up on?

Comment 30 Dec 2020

Frankly, I wish Fields would've just shut up about it. It came across as an excuse following the B!G Championship game even though he tried to say he was not using it as an excuse. Most players have nagging injuries that they are playing through without comment. Shut up and play your game. If you can't do it, next man up.

Comment 21 Dec 2020

Clemson has very little "History". Beside the Dabo years, they have like, one title? Once Dabo leaves, it will be back to mediocrity for Clemson, whereas it appears Ohio State will always be good. Ohio State is a Destination. Clemson is a place to go where Dabo will pay you, 'roid you up, and get you to the NFL. Once Dabo goes, that all goes.

Comment 20 Dec 2020

Day indicated that Fields will be OK when interviewed by the B1G Network. Day said of Fields, "He didn't have his best game. But he'll come back. He'll play well." I can't see how he would say this IF, for example, tests had revealed a broken hand or ligament damage, so apparently the hand will be fine.

Comment 20 Dec 2020

Field Goal ... 5 minutes of commercials ... Kickoff ... 5 minutes of commercials ... 3 and out punt ... 5 minutes of commercials ... and on ...


Comment 18 Dec 2020

The way I calculate this, if a player tested positive, say noon on Tuesday, then the 17 day period would be up on noon of Friday, New Years Day, so technically if the game is played in the afternoon, it would be After the 17 day period.

Comment 18 Dec 2020

To the B1G presidents, the competitive disadvantage will be the last thing they will cite as a reason for changing the rule. But they should say: "Back when we made the guidelines there was insufficient data on the infectious period and recovery time of student-athletes. However, recent data from the CDC has indicated it is safe to return after 3 consecutive negative tests and 14 days from the initial positive confirmation PCR  test. We will retain the MRI scan mandate for myocarditis."

Comment 17 Dec 2020

Keep in mind that, currently, only those testing positive would be affected by the 21 day rule. Those out because of contact tracing would be back for the semi-final game if the Buckeyes play and beat NW.

Comment 16 Dec 2020

You will note that 4 of the polls have Coastal Carolina ranked #1. CC has the highest standard deviation (by far) of any team in the top 15, which means that the computer polls strongly disagree on what to do with them. The Composite Ranking currently has a number of polls that have no standards whatsoever. There are 52 of them in this Composite including the two human polls. I would suggest keeping about 20 of them and evaluating the algorithms for standards before implementing them, much as the BCS but with many more computer polls averaged in and also retaining the two human polls. I would argue that Florida at 13 is a Much better indication as to where a team should be who lost to a bad team as the last regular season game to take its Second Loss.