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November 13, 2019 at 2:43am

Completely for fun and the sake of debating. What do you think it would have taken to keep OSU at number 1 this past weekend? I expected that the committee would have did what they did because of the resume thing. At the same time, I also see difficulty in dropping the number 1 team when they played so dominantly in the first half. Just curious if anyone thinks it would have been a no win situation for OSU regardless of the in game play? For the record, I'm one of those that are not worried and know that it's all about winning the rest of the games on the schedule. This is more about the thought process within the committee. If OSU were to keep their starters in and continued to be aggressive with the play calling to the point they put up even more obscene numbers like over 1000 yards of offense or 3 digit score, would or should that trump the resume points of LSU beating Bama? How mitch weight should one style be over the other? Or is it simply picking the one that best suits them at the time? What if OSU and LSU were flipped? Resume or obscene numbers on in inferior opponent? Remember, this is for fun debate, I know it won't matter as long as OSU wins out. Go Bucks and continue to put up obscene numbers!

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