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My mom, dad and brother graduated at Ohio State University. I have an Associates degree from Columbus State and was working towards a Bachelors at OSU but have yet to complete it.

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Comment 16 Feb 2019
First time I have logged in to comment on this site in a really long time. I have spent all my life with anxiety and battling bouts of depression. It took majority of my life to realize that I has spent most of it searching for and identity and belonging that i believe stem from a very dsfunctiate upbringing. Fast forward through all the details and I currently have a job where I oversee direct reports and many of them struggle with depression. I have found that me helping others, helps myself right back again. Also that you have to get into having goals. Long term, short term and be sure to work on them daily! Without goals and working towards them, I tend to feel a lot more empty and that begins to lead to other things.
Comment 06 Jan 2017


I'm sure there are many moving parts & various politics involved with coaching football at OSU not to mention all the media & fan base scrutiny but it blows so many of our minds that the coached can sit there & watch the team struggle getting offensive points while not giving carries to extremely talented running backs in key games/moments (Thinking of Zeke & Hyde).

Hard to be upset when OSU has won so many games and a natty recently.

I'm kind of thinking the reason us fans see some of these issues could be the result of Urban trying to be healthy with the work/life balance. I suppose OSU could be even better than they have been if Urban goes back to how he coached at Florida with the lack of eating & sleeping. But we all know that will kill him & it is unreasonable to expect that.

I however am optimistic & like that Urban makes changes & for the most part, Urbz does a good job of correcting issues. Looking forward to the 2017 edition of the OSU football program!!!!!!


Comment 06 Dec 2016

I'm all for recognizing individual performance, but picking a "top" 4 players on O, D and St when the team has 9 units doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Just pick the best performance from each unit, or a grade comparing unit to unit

 I don't know for sure but I'm throwing out the possibility that maybe the scale they use works across all units. Meaning if "Player LB" scores 98 - A range, and "Player CB" scores 95 - A range, then Player LB gets the go ahead nod for POG.

So I see it as those 4 players scored the highest grades on the team. Quite possible that Hooker may have made some mistakes or enough mistakes that cancels some of the weight that TD carried which in turn could have scored him less points that the above 4 mentioned names.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

The way Des feels now is how I felt in 95 & 96 when OSU lost to the bad guys.............................Des you asshole, thanks for the memories.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

My apologies for not explaining well.

I'm trying to flip the thought around on people that are constantly negative.

So when OSU has a good game they score a lot of points, maybe some records get broken, etc.

The haters come out hard when OSU loses or doesn't play well, so I'm asking if they could describe a game where OSU could lose, & they wouldn't complain.