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Why Should Ohio State Drop (or the Rankings Change at All?)

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November 11, 2019 at 9:31am

To be clear, I'm 100% sure that the committee is going to put LSU ahead of us this week.  That said, I think these rankings present a rare situation, where if the rankings are supposed to be truly the best teams in order, then we could and probably should stay #1.  

So the deal is we are 1, LSU and Bama are 2 and 3.  So the number 2 team beats the number 3 team by 5 points.  Shouldn't that mean that the rankings just really shouldn't change -- including Bama's rank?  If the committee thinks that we are better than LSU and Bama, why should one of them beating each other then drop us?  Especially in the way it happened where LSU just edged out Bama.  Now we can talk about that last Bama TD, but the fact is, LSU gave up that TD - so they should own it and final score as a true indication of how that game went.

The other thing is, we gave the committee zero reason to drop us, beating Maryland 73-14 - we did what we had to do, even without our best player.  There could be an argument for LSU if we struggled a bit with Maryland, but we didn't.  

It's possible Bama should drop below Clemson, but not further because we got the result we expected.  If 2 and 3 play, and 2 wins by less than a TD, why does that mean 3 is now any worse than... 3?  

So anyway, if there's an argument for us still at #1, I think this is a strong argument.  If the committee follows this very logical conclusion, I can't wait to see a million southerners heads explode simultaneously.

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