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Why Does This Never Happen at Alabama?

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November 8, 2019 at 9:10am

You have HaHa Clinton Dix getting paid directly by a coach and they basically get nothing for it, a week suspension and a fired coach, OSU would have had a bowl ban.

DJ Fluker on twitter saying he got paid, not even investigated.

TTown mensware clearly giving out suits and money to players, a booster having dinner with players, tons of evidence that he was tied to Ingram, Richardson etc and you have Julio Jones wearing a new suit every game.  Nothing happens.

Every single year just about Ohio State has a major player or coach suspended or something hurting or completely destroying the season. 

2003 Clarett
2004-2005 Troy Smith
2010 Tat 5
2011 Tressel Tat 5
2012 Bowl ban from Tressel and Tat 5
2013 Hyde
2015 Barrett
2018 Meyer
2019 Chase Young

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