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Will/Should OSU Be #1 in the CFP Rankings Tonight?

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November 5, 2019 at 6:27pm

Should Ohio State be #1? It appears to be down to us and LSU, here are the resumes.
LSU: 55-3 Ga Southern(5-3), 45-38 @Texas(5-3), 65-14 NW State(FCS), 66-38 @Vanderbilt(2-6), 42-6 Utah State, 42-28 Florida(7-2), 36-13 @Mississippi State(4-5), 23-20 Auburn(7-2)

OSU:  45-21 FAU(6-3), 42-0 UC(7-1), 51-10 @Indiana(7-2), 76-5 Miami OH(4-4), 48-7 @Nebraska(4-5), 34-10 MSU(4-4), 52-3 @Northwestern(1-6), 38-7 Wisconsin(6-2)

Wins stacked up against eachother I think OSU should be 1. Much higher margin of victory and the top 3 wins(if including margin of victory) probably is better for OSU. I won't be upset if LSU is #1 Texas, Florida, Auburn is a really tough 3 games to have played and they still have @Bama. LSU wins they stay ahead of us for good and if they lose they stay behind us for good. 

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