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One Prime Example of Why The Game is Probably the Best Rivalry Game in Sports

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November 4, 2019 at 9:54am

As the season heads into the home stretch, you can read various analyses of possible paths for different teams into the CFP.

One path that has been set forth for the Buckeyes is one loss on the resume—with that loss coming to TTUN.

Now here’s the thing: I admit I could be wrong but I would be willing to bet that, if you gave Buckeye fans the choice between A) winning the Natty by beating both Alabama and Clemson in the CFP but, in the process, having won the Big despite a loss to TTUN, and B) finishing 3rd in the AP Poll by winning the Rose Bowl and the Big after a rout of TTUN as happened last year, the majority of fans would pick option B.

Look, I’m well aware that a Natty is the most coveted title in college football but, in my humble opinion, it would feel almost hollow without the Gold Pants.

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