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Besides The Defense, What Improvement Excites You More over the 2018 Season?

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October 28, 2019 at 11:47am

#1-Penalties, We are #30 in least penalties in the country opposed to last years #124,lol. The only BIG team that was worse was Maryland. So glad this staff made it a priority to cut down on penalties. Last year we averaged a smidge over 75 yards a game, 2019 a smidge over 45 yards, that includes the obligatory holding penalty on JJ. I’ll live with it because he has elevated this group with his swagger&nastiness. Give me a big ol nasty lineman any day. 

#2-Takeaways, I think we’ve improved over last year simply with Chase Young’s 5 forced fumbles and our DB’s making a concerted effort to look back for the ball. #5 nationally this year @ +1.4 per game #1 BIG. Last year #32 nationally @ 0.4, #3 BIG. 

#3-Total Defense, #2 Nationally and #2 in the BIG still behind Wisconsin, but we closed the gap considerably. I know my topic was less the Defense, but just had to add it since we are currently #2 in the country. I’m starting to think we need to lock Day up with a long term contract, say tack on another 7 years because you know Dabo is negatively recruiting that Day is going to end up back in the NFL soon. I will wait a couple seasons in extending the lifetime contract just to be sure recruiting stays relatively close to the same, if that’s possible because we are stocked well. 
OK, fellow dubbers enjoy the rest of your day.



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