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Week 9 SP+ Ratings, the Race is OSU vs Bama

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October 27, 2019 at 12:26pm

Ohio State and Bama are still a point apart but their separation from everybody else has grown a lot. OSU is 6 points ahead of #3 LSU and 7 points ahead of Clemson. Clemson is closer to Minnesota than they are OSU. It is clear we want Bama to lose to LSU, while the media is hyping LSU up the stats show LSU isn't in the conversation for true #1. LSU has really good wins but they just aren't as dominant as OSU/Bama. They have the 3rd offense and 20th defense. We want Bama to lose to LSU, they would end the season having played 2 ranked teams losing to LSU at home and beating 8-4 Auburn. It would be really hard to keep a 1 loss Oklahoma out for a schedule that soft. Oklahoma, LSU, Clemson are simply not as good as Alabama. a 12-1 Oregon vs 11-1 Bama would also be an interesting debate. Other notes:

  • The state of the B1G is so weird this year related to OSU. OSU is so far ahead of everybody but the B1G is having one of its best years in recent memory(big help from Michigan this week). OSU is #1 overall and the rest are PSU(7), Wisconsin(8), Michigan(11), Minnesota(12!!), Iowa(20), Indiana(23) that is 5 top 12 and 7 top 25. Compared to 4 top 12 and 7 top 25 for the greatest conference in the history of the world.
  • Clemson just cant seem to close any ground, they are playing well each week but their opponents are so bad and OSU/Bama are dominating teams who are better than the ACC teams. 
  • Cincy is 32 and 1 spot behind Texas. Cincy may have been lucky to snipe UCF(16) but it doesnt matter they will be ranked and their next 3 games are ECU,UCONN,USF so they should stay that way for awhile. They need to go 1-1 against Temple and Memphis at the end of the year to win their division.
  • Michigan has really inserted itself back into the picture at 11. They cant win the division but beating MSU and getting us at home is motivation enough. It was only a matter of time until their new offense was going to start to click their offensive rating is up to 41 which is impressive given how low it was. Their defense is #2
  • The B1G jumped the big 12 

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