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Ohio State/Wisconsin Low Hanging Stats

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October 23, 2019 at 3:55pm
All statistics from NCAA.com
Wisconsin  Opp.Total D Opp.Total O Score vs Ohio State Opp.Total D Opp.Total O Score
USF 66 112 W 49-0   FAU 95 59 W 45-21
CMU 52 52 W 61-0   CIN 34 87 W 42-0
Mich 14 80 W 35-14   IU 18 31 W 51-10
NW 36 127 W 24-15   M-OH 77 128 W 76-5
Kent St 117 95 W 48-0   NEB 64 74 W 48-7
MSU 22 100 W 38-0   MSU 22 100 W 34-10
Illinois 100 110 L 24-23   NW 36 127 W 52-3
Average 58.1 96.6 40 - 7     49.4 86.6 50 - 8

Here's a snapshot of each team's season so far. Ohio State has faced, on average, both more difficult offenses and defenses. They've also scored more points, and only allowed one more point per team on average. That latter part of that sentence makes sense seeing as the Bucks have played stronger offenses, but the thing that stands out to me is they're also scoring more points against better defenses.

I do all of this because otherwise, being the fan that I am, this week will be filled with nervous anxiety leading up to kickoff, and not settling until the final score is posted, with Ohio State adding another point to the win column.

Also important, 5 of Wisconsin's 7 games have been at home, with a road win against USF and a road loss to Big Ten opponent Illinois. Ohio State has played 3 on the road, all to Big Ten opponents, all victories, by a combined score of 151-20.

Tl;dr: Bucks are better than the Badgers on paper and on film, and will prove it this Saturday.


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