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Comment 31 Mar 2019
I watched the end of the game, and it seemed to be called fair to me. Both sides had calls go for and against them. Edwards caved to the pressure at the end with that errant pass. They had plenty of chances to close it out before the end of regulation, but Virginia wanted it more. Now, if anyone got a break, it was that tall dude for Texas Tech that was out of bounds when he jumped up and swatted the ball back to one of his guys.
Comment 17 Mar 2019
Quite a risk you took there, sir. If I were an Urban Dictionary-ist, I'd say it was self-pleasing on a regular basis. However, Bucks did not say "fixed fornication," he said, "fixed fortification."
Comment 15 Feb 2019

My mom (70) was diagnosed with cancer this past January after being hospitalized for blood clots. The doctors are relatively optimistic about treatment, but I can't imagine being in a position of not knowing she has cancer. Considering my dad's Parkinson's, my wife and I have pretty much taken control of her ongoing treatment (appointments, lovenox injections, etc.). I say all that to say I couldn't imagine my mom's health dwindling, me not know about it until after she passes, then wonder what I could have done to help/support if I had known.

The other side of that coin however is that I've always told myself that if I was ever diagnosed with a terminal condition, I wouldn't tell anyone, for the very same reasons as the couple in the article. 

Comment 09 Feb 2019
I laughed too loud and for too long at (with?) this. {Scrolls up, refreshes self of the prognostication} No, no I didn't.