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Comment 35 seconds ago

I see key 3 differences:

- Clemson and FSU aren't bitter rivals

- Clemson was already there when FSU decided to cancel

- UM and Harbaugh earnestly believe another lopsided loss to Ohio State could be the death knell to Jimmy's tenure

Comment 2 hours ago

You could say the exact same thing about Ohio State, honestly (minus the not good part, because that's not true in either case).

Comment 21 hours ago

If they won't play UW, they sure as heck won't play THE.

Comment 22 hours ago

Here are the offensive and defensive rankings for the teams:

  Passing D Rushing D Passing O Rushing O
Bama 70 27 4 50
OSU 117 11 20 15
Clemson 26 12 3 76
ND 44 4 60 16

Depending on how you manipulate the numbers, any one of those matchups will likely come down to a shootout. Though, when healthy, Clemson is the most well-rounded team.

Comment 01 Dec 2020

The one mock I saw has Olave to the Saints at the end of the first round. That'd be a great get, I think.

Comment 01 Dec 2020

CJ Stroud, Kyle McCord, and Quinn Ewers are all better than Caleb Williams when it comes to throwing a ball to a WR. Not to mention the QBs and WRs at Ohio State are both coached by arguably the best in the business. If EE chooses Oklahoma, it's because his heart wasn't in Columbus, and that's fine.

Comment 30 Nov 2020

Probably why AE posted the gif. Not because there's a chance OU snags EE, but because us fans would read too much into it, like always.

Comment 30 Nov 2020

Side Note: I thought I'd hate Damian Lewis forever because of his role in Homeland, but he's too much a badass in Billions to not like him.

Comment 30 Nov 2020

I see a lot of poor tackling when he goes through the middle, but you're right, he has a tendency to rely on his speed to get and stay outside.

Meanwhile, Henderson has ridiculous vision, and hits the hole with force: