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Comment 07 Jul 2019

Mookie Cooper looked great, and Kelee Ringo looked slow. Bijan lining up out wide is a thing of nightmares. Imagine Wilson, Fleming, Olave, Scott Jr., Robinson, JSN, Ruckert, et. al...

Comment 29 Jun 2019
To be fair, perhaps they were giving away Fig Newtons to the first x amount of fans. You know, it's a "Fig Thing, Irish."
Comment 26 Jun 2019
Nope. Never. Lose always. I cheered two years ago when they were the only Big Ten team to lose their bowl game. As far as I was concerned, it couldn't have ended better.
Comment 25 Jun 2019
When you're screaming at your TV, flipping off coeds because you're halfway through the game and a bottle of whiskey. When you run outside yelling and screaming "Suck it, Michigan," after "7 Yards and a Cloud of Dust," to find confused neighbors staring at you curiously. When you, yet again, run outside yelling, "F* you, Penn State," after JTBIV goes lights out in the 4th quarter. When your wife makes the smart choice in allowing her husband alone time to watch the big games. When you have multiple outfits laid out, changing clothes if something bad happens in the off chance you're having a butterfly effect on the outcome, then I'd say your fandom has breached level 10. There's absolutely nothing like a Saturday morning/afternoon watching my beloved Buckeye football team leave everything on the field for a rabid, passionate, committed legion of fans dedicated to seeing "their team" succeed. O-H!