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Comment 07 Feb 2020

My wife and I made it into Blue Ash Chili once (we live in California). The Chili Philly was absolutely delicious. We also went to Skyline after a Reds game, and I must say, it wasn't all that memorable.

Comment 24 Jan 2020

For sure encouraging news on both fronts. The WR room makes the CB room better, and the CB room makes the WR room better. And to think, both have top tier coaches leading the charge.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

1) Born in 82, so, um, at Apple when Steve Jobs revealed his grand idea of the iPod. I would also settle for the iPhone.

2) April 3, 1968, at the Mason Temple in Memphis, TN to hear Dr. King deliver his final speech. I had a chance to travel to Memphis in 2011, and while there, visited the National Civil Rights Museum which is the location where Dr. King was shot and killed (Lorraine Motel). While there, I shook hands with and spoke to the Reverend Billy Kyles, who, at the time, was the only person still alive that was present with Dr. King when he was shot. Gives me chills every time I think or talk about it. 

3) Somewhere during the Revolutionary War to see General Washington lead his troops into battle.

4) Being lead by Moses through the desert to witness the splitting of the Red Sea.