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Why Freaky OSU DE Chase Young is the Best Player in College Football

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October 23, 2019 at 1:51pm

Not my words in the SUBJECT box but you better damn well believe it just the same.

The title is from our favorite Yahoo columnist Pete Thamel and he makes point after point that reinforces what we here at 11W already know. Chase Young is easily the best player at tOSU in 2019 and I'd venture to say that stretches to the B1G and all the way to the NCAA. There is just no one on the field of play that can compare to Chase Young.

Let's start with the most oft used comparison for Chase, either of the Bosa brothers. It just seems like a natural comparison, right? Here's what Pete tells us about that comparison value with a llittle extra sauce from Lane Kiffin:

The natural comparison for Young in Columbus remains the Bosa brothers, former Buckeyes who went No. 2 in the 2019 draft (Nick) and No. 3 overall in 2016 (Joey). Both Bosas have performed at a level that justify those lofty picks, but former OSU coach Urban Meyer says that Young “may be the most talented” of the three.

“The guy looks like the Predator,” said FAU coach Lane Kiffin, mimicking Young’s popular nickname. “There’s only 10 guys like him in the world.”

The article is a plethora of great intel on how Chase became The Predator and all the hard work and dedication that went into it. There are quotes from his parents, childhood friends that he made along his way and even a little snipet from Larry Johnson himself:

“He’s probably the most intriguing guy I’ve ever recruited,” Johnson said.

The article goes into some great detail and I won't spoil the whole thing for you but this last one is too good not to share. Chase and Markelle Fultz were friends before he transferred to DeMarta Catholic High School but it was here that they played on the same basketball team. Just check out this picture of high school Predator. The locks are beginning to show some length but have yet to take on that signature blond hue.

Markelle Fultz and Chase Young look on before a DeMatha Catholic High School basketball game 

Here's a link for the full read and it comes highly recommended as it really allows us to get to know where Chase Young developed his unique skill set that we have come to enjoy so much on Saturdays (sometimes Fridays)  as a DE at tOSU.

You already know this but I will end this with a simple request. Enjoy Chase Young for the rest of this season and the (hopeful) run through the CFP because next year, when camp opens up he will be preparing to suit up for a different team in a different city and he'll be playing on Sundays.


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