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SP+ Rankings After Week 8. OSU Holds Steady at 1, Defense Moves to #1

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October 20, 2019 at 4:03pm

Big changes this week in SP+ but OSU is still 1 point better than Bama but our defense moves into the #1 spot. Bama is 3.5 points ahead of LSU and we will get to see how big of an impact the injury is to Tua. Wisconsin only fell to 7 and are still ahead of PSU. Very little movement at the top but Clemson is starting to creep back up. Some other notes

  • Michigan will have the 4th ranked defense at home against Notre Dame. Michigans offense was really good in the second half against PSU scoring 21(and almost 7 more) against the 12th ranked defense. They will now be facing Notre Dame's 35th ranked defense at home. SP+ has Michigan as about 1.5 point favorite without home field advantage. If the offense is for real improving this would be the game to show it. Vegas has them as a 4 point favorite. 
  • Minnesota is all the way up 15. They have a soft schedule but they are really starting to take it to teams and I think they are much better than Northwestern was last year. PSU is a 6 point favorite over Minnesota(they play in a couple weeks) but it is in Minnesota and Minnesota will be coming off a bye. 
  • Rankings of teams on the schedule Wisconsin(7), Penn State(8), Michigan(14), Minnesota(15) possibly in championship, Indiana(22), Michigan State(28), Cincy(32), Nebraska(46), Maryland(47), NWestern(74) but their defense is 16th,  and Buttgers at 107 thanks for grabbing that tv market Jim. Three best teams still on the schedule. 
  • AAC West has a higher average rating than the ACC


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