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Projecting Current Starters Draft Position

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October 7, 2019 at 12:46pm

Bye weeks suck. That being said, another thread on Wade's draft status made me wonder. How many first rounders currently start on this team & where might others fall? Of course one huge bowl game performance or a strong run could sway all of this drastically. I'm only listing starters who could be gone this year as well. I also thought this would be a good thread to post analysts and professional takes on some of our prospects.


PS - I am no guru, don't pretend to be and spend little time perusing mock drafts, other networks, etc. Just thought this would be fun for the board.


Feel free to prognosticate, debate, etc.


Young - early 1st

Okudah - early 1st

Wade - late 1st (if 2020), early 1st (if 2021)

Fuller - late 2nd-4th?

Arnette - late 2nd-4th?

Harrison - 2nd-3rd

Landers - 6th-7th?

Hamilton - 6th-7th? (he's improved drastically, but seriously IDK

Cooper - ?

Cornell - UDFA?

Hilliard - UD



Hill - early 3rd

Munford (IF) - 2nd-3rd?

Victor - 6th-7th?

Jackson - 2nd-5th?

Mack -? (needs a run, or a big SR bowl showing)

Dobbins - late 1st-2nd

McCall - UD

Alabi - UDFA

Bowen - UDFA


As you can see I have very little confidence in most of these, besides the obvious ones. 

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