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Some Legit Reasons to Take Sparty Seriously

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October 1, 2019 at 4:40pm

Sparty seems to be sneaky good/competent on offense, despite not scoring many points.

They are tied for 9th in the country, having given up a mere 4 sacks. I've seen some comments related to Michigan State's OL being wounded, but for a group who is walking wounded, they've not given up many sacks. By comparison, Ohio State has given up 10 sacks, while attempting 43 fewer passes than Sparty.

Lewerky has thrown for more yards than Fields, and has a 10-1 TD/INT ratio. His completion % is just south of 60%.

Sparty has, by far, the best defense Ohio State has faced thus far:

Total Defense: 7th
Scoring Defense: 14th
Pass Defense: 37th
Pass Eff Def: 30th
Rush Defense: 4th

The Rush defense ranking is somewhat skewed by the -73 given up against Tulsa. However, even if you throw-out the Tulsa outlier, the Sparty run defense would be good for 12th in the country, at  80.5 yds/game. Ohio State ranks 15th, allowing 85 yards per game.

It looks like Sparty has a solid O-line, plus a solid defense. Though, attacking the MSU defense through the air might be the best option. I have not taken a macro look at Michigan State's opponents to see how well they execute the forward pass.

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