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Meyer Believes a TSUN Resurgence is Coming:

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September 30, 2019 at 4:50pm

And I believe he is not bluffing.

“They have very, very good players,” Meyer said. “They have a very good coaching staff. There’s a lot of ball left — I’m saying at least nine wins this year.

“I think they come back. I think they rebound. They get on a roll.”

He's right about TSUN having players.  There is no excuse for getting man-handled in the trenches vs Army and MTSU.  They have been struggling because of poor coaching, and players who have not bought in.

If they start off well this weekend and beat Iowa, players will surely be bought in. 

Now do I think that's going to happen?  I'm not confident necessarily; and I hope Iowa pounds them.  But I trust Urban Meyer's word more than any coach or talking head when it comes to x's and o's.

That said,  beat Sparty.  Go Bucks!

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