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From the Log of Admiral Dae: The Huskaar Campaign

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September 29, 2019 at 12:16pm
Wow, what a game we saw last night! Dominance at every phase of the game. When the only cause for concern is that we didn't look great in garbage time with basically our starters pulled, you know you're watching a championship-caliber team. The last few years have been frustrating. 2016 had a championship-caliber defense and a hit-or-miss offense, 2017 had a team that looked the part and then fell apart against Iowa, while 2018 had a high octane offense paired with the worst defense we've seen in almost a decade. But 2019? So far, 2019 Ohio State has it all. Anyway, here's the next installment of the Log of Admiral Dae. 

Stardate 92919.112

I write this report from the bridge of my flagship, the Bukki-class dreadnought Hayze, as it holds a stationary orbit above Huskaar I, the Huskaar homeworld. As I record this log, our negotiators are hard at work ironing out the last touches to the peace treaty that should at last stamp out any dying embers of discontent and defiance on the part of the Huskaar Ascendancy. 

Last span, I was part of the relief force that broke the Huskaar's protracted siege on Kolmbus Prime and sent their forces back to the frontier. At the time, the Huskaar were capable of managing an orderly retreat, having only lost a tithe of their forces in the siege and subsequent relief action. What I saw then disturbed me. We weren't ready then for the Huskaar's sudden assault, nor did we have the necessary posture to reroute sufficient forces to prevent them from establishing an effective blockade upon our capital. Grand Admiral May-Ar did what he could to rally the troops and prevent a full-scale ground assault, and to our fortune the planetary shields held up even against a sustained orbital bombardment from their capital ships. By the time I arrived with three taskforces, the Huskaar were running low on supplies. As they retreated, May-Ar vowed to make them pay for their unprovoked attack. Unfortunately the Grand Admiral never got the chance to make good on that vow. That's why I made sure to pay the Huskaar a visit. 

They were expecting us. Had been expecting a retaliatory strike ever since their ships pulled back into their home space. It didn't matter. All the preparations, all the carefully laid plans, all the countermeasure refits they'd installed on their ships to give them an edge in the impending battle--none of it mattered. 

Three hundred ships, including fifty capital ships, met our six taskforces in the asteroid belt the Huskaar so poetically call "the Veil." Three hundred ships. How many do they have left now? I'll give you a hint--I see them all in stationary orbit, guarded by our frigates. I can count them on my hands with a few fingers to spare. Suffice it to say, the Huskaar's offensive threat has been permanently neutered. Almost sad that it's come to this. When I was a boy, we all lived in fear of the Huskaar Ascendancy, whose fleet could put the terror into any force in the galaxy. But that was before the time of May-Ar, before the reign of Dae. 

Signing off for now, 

-Admiral Dae Riyan, Supreme Commander of the Bukki Star Empire


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