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Dobbins/Teague Best RB Duo?

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September 29, 2019 at 2:06am

I am out of the country and could not watch the Nebraska game. However I read the game stream and all of the recaps so far.

From the performances of both of our running backs, is this the best one-two punch we've had this century? Dobbins is running like a man determined to own everyone on the field, and Teague is a wrecker that can pinball and outrun.

The two of them are great complents to one another, and both can do everything we need them to (just need to get to Zeke level blocking).

Also,the Twitter verse calling it "the fa-Teague protocol when we bring him in to physically dominate a defense after Dobbins tires them out is one of my favorite scheme names ever".

Having a QB with running ability like Fields is a huge deal, but these two running backs are dominating behind our new Slobs.

Pittman/Beanie, Herron/Saine, Clarett/Clarett again... Does any other 1-2 compare?

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