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The Continuing Fallacy of Any Poll

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September 26, 2019 at 10:50am

Was reviewing the updated USA Today NCAA poll where they rank all 130 FBS programs each week. They have the top 10 as:





Ohio State






Pretty similar to other polls, maybe a bit different with putting Bama 4th. They also have Michigan at 28 and Texas A&M way down at 37. And that is where their logic on the top 10 starts to fall apart.

They state that they focus on how teams have done against competition so far which is why Bama is dropped to 4.  The question is how does Clemson also not fall or why Ohio State is not right next to Clemson.  The evidence is as follows:

Clemson Games                                                    Ohio State Games

#100 GT 52-14                                                      #85 FAU 45-21

#37 A&M 24-10                                                     #38 Cincinnati 42-0

#63 @Syracuse 41-6                                            #78 @Indiana 51-10

#113 Charlotte 52-10                                            #106 Miami (Oh) 76-5

I know polls are meaningless to a large degree but they continue to represent the human bias in the rankings when the facts do not support their position.  But we already knew that so this just shows that I am bored at work today.

Link to rankings:

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