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Ohio State Ranked 3rd in Composite Polls

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September 16, 2019 at 7:17pm

Massey compiles a composite ranking of all relevant weekly polls including the AP and Coaches polls. Most of the polls are computer polls such as Sagarin and the total list includes 55 polls thus far this week. Two of the Lowest rankings for the Buckeyes of all the polls are the AP and Coaches polls at 6th. Five of the polls have OSU at #1. The composite ranking has OSU at a Solid 3rd with an average ranking of 3.3, Clemson at 1st with an average of 2.2, and Bama at 2nd with an average ranking of 2.6. Computer polls are inherently unbiased when over 50 of the algorithms are averaged and they take strength of schedule into account. I think this is the proper ranking for the Buckeyes and I have always maintained that the Committee system should employ an averaged computer component as a factor since the statistically small sample of a few humans introduces the possibility of inherent bias in their ranking. Here is the full Massey ranking:


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