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NFL Talent on the Defense

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September 16, 2019 at 5:12pm

Urban mentioned our defensive backfield as being NFL players on Fox's broadcast. Got me thinking about our starting/regular players. 

I think they're all future NFL players, but I am not sure all of them will be drafted. That's a stout defensive talent level! Consider:

+All 6 main DBs/Starting Bullet will be drafted 

+3 of 4 regular LBs will be drafted (don't think Tuf is fast enough but he'll be a UDFA)

+Young, Smith, Cornell, Hamilton will be drafted (not sure BB Landers will be at his size/position but will be a UDFA) 

What rounds do you think these guys will be drafted in? Do you think there are any guys I'm overestimating/underestimating in terms of draft potential? Thoughts?

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