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One Word to Describe This Year’s Team

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September 16, 2019 at 1:56am

Ok, everyone.  I’ve rewatched the Indiana and Cincy games and listened to my favorite announcers, Joel and Gus, drool over what they’ve seen live.  As I watched, I found myself looking for a word to describe what I saw, and that word is “PISSED”.  This team looks like they want to break opponents’ wills on offense and do literal physical harm on defense.  Not to get too far ahead of the schedule and the polls and the SEC, but through three games, this team looks nasty...like end-of-2014 nasty.  And if this keeps up, well, TTUN might want to finally acknowledge that they’re a baseball school.  

So, I pose the question to 11W:  What is your ONE word to describe what we’ve all seen so far?  Hyphenation doesn’t count. 


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