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Losing to an Average B1G Team by 28+ Points Will NOT Happen!

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September 15, 2019 at 6:11pm

So I wanted to address the idea that many Buckeye fans have there is an inevitability that we will lose by 20-30+ like Iowa and Purdue at some point this season. I’m not saying everyone, not only on this board. But I’ve been blessed to have gone to all 3 games so far and I’ve heard from several fans that Nebraska, Northwestern or even Maryland will be this year’s “purdue.” I’m saying I talked to 3 different Ohio State fans during breaks in the 4th quarter at the game that really believed another Purdue type loss would happen. I asked to clarify if they meant just an upset loss or embarrassing blowout fashion type loss and they all 3 said they believed a big loss that could keep us out of the playoffs. That the defense looks good, but wait until we play better teams...

Go ahead and  mark this down now, we will NOT be losing a game like this this year! Its laughable and embarrassing that some in our fan base have now come to expect this at some point.

Losing to average B1G by 29+ points are generational type losses and the odds of it happening in back to back years like it did is an anomaly. I would mark these losses up to the poor defensive scheme, coaching and development than it being an inevitable outcome. There is a better chance that we curb stomp every average B1G team by 40 than lose the game period.

I will say this. I’m not saying we can’t lose a game to an average B1G team, for example 1998 Sparty. What I am saying is that a blowout loss that is so embarrassing it keeps us out of the playoffs will not happen. 

I will also say, a blowout to an elite team is always possible, such as Alabama to Clemson last year or our losses to Florida 06-07 or Clemson 2016. 

I guess I’m just completely baffled at what I hear from many fans about the expectation of a blowout loss. If it happens, feel free to pull this thread back up and serve me all the freakin crow you want. But it’s going to be a long time before you do. Have confidence Buckeye Nation. We are an ELITE program. Go Bucks!

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