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From the Log of Admiral Dae: The Hoosa Expedition

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September 14, 2019 at 6:12pm

Stardate 91419.51

There is a long history of minor skirmishes and incursions from both sides of our frontier with the Hoosa Principate, one of the many small states floating along the drift of our outlying systems. This time it was over what amounts to pointless bickering: disagreements over whether they had claim to one of our asteroids. Yes, that's it, really. No, I didn't care, and told the Continuance Council so--let them have the damn rock if they want it so bad. But needs must when the devil drives, as they say.

So we arranged a sortie to put the Hoosa back in their place. Despite their shortcomings in terms of armaments and personnel, the Hoosa's forces have often given as good as they've got in these engagements in the past, so when the alerts went off in Deep Sector 5, where several of our major shipyards and mining zones are located, I figured we were in for it. 

I only sent out two taskforces, but that was one more than we used in our clash with the Star Owls. These taskforces were commanded by two of our fleet's rising stars: Captain Feeldz and Commander Dobbuns. On Dobbuns, I say Commander now, but assuming the Continuance Council approves my motion--and they will--young Dobbuns will be a newly minted Captain for what he's done. 

Everyone already knows what a good captain and pilot Feeldz is, so no one, certainly not myself, are surprised to see how effective he was at reducing the Hoosa contingency force to dust, but Dobbuns was another matter. There were questions hovering around him, despite a relatively long and distinguished service record. Some of my adjutants questioned my decision to give him a command, even if he did have that seven foot tall neutron-star-in-human-form marine Sergeant Chaeyong at his side, ready to knock skulls if things got close and gritty. But no one's questioning it now, not after Dobbuns drove his squadron right through the Hoosa defenses, all but deleted their meager collection of capital ships, and then scattered their lighter ships like chaff. 

Speaking of Chaeyong again, I'm not convinced the man can be killed. From what I've heard during a boarding operation on one of their capital ships his chestplate absorbed a direct hit from a Class 3 heavy phase cannon--you know, the ones for taking down starfighters? Yeah, well I guess no one ever told him the difference between a phase cannon and a snowball, because he walked right through it--didn't even get knocked down. He'll need new armor, though. 

Needless to say, after losing 51 of their craft and mobile command stations, the Hoosa have seen the errors of their ways. Admiral May-Ar always warned me about victories--that they make it easy to get soft. Maybe so, but at this point, after what we've accomplished, I'm not sure there's a fleet in the entire galaxy that can stop us. 

Signing off for now,

Admiral Dae Riyan, Supreme Commander of the Bukki Star Empire

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