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Fields Looks Great, but One Key Issue Needs to Be Fixed.

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September 14, 2019 at 4:23pm

He will need to quit holding onto the ball so long.  Against tougher Ds, he will need to either throw it, throw it away, or run it, much sooner. 

Many of his completions actually arrived a second or two late; including the TD to Dobbins, the TD to Olave, and several other completions. 

I can't believe he completed the TD to Dobbins near the pylon.  That's not going to work vs most B1G defenses. Very accurate throw which is nice, but not ideal timing.

I'm glad he's developing against weak defenses, but he's not going to get 7 seconds to scan the field for most the schedule.

That said he has amazing poise and he has made very few mistakes if any.   

I'd like to see him hesitate less vs Miami, and be more attacking/decisive.  This will be key if we're going to beat MSU imo.

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