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Cincinnati's Overall Talent

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September 6, 2019 at 11:06am

While taking in a massive load of Ohio State content this week, I feel like there is a pretty big misconception being spread around about Cincinnati. It's not incredibly important to the overall analysis, but I think that people are either overrating Cincinnati's overall talent or underrating FAU after watching what happened in the first half or so in the game last week. Cincinnati and FAU are pretty comparable when it comes to roster talent and people are acting like Cincinnati is a huge step up in talent. I will very much concede that points of coaching or even evaluation of said talent could be better at Cincinnati, but that is not what is even being said. As far as I have seen, Birm is the only guy on the beat in any way that has said that FAU has a better offense than Cincinnati. If I have missed that being talked about in other places, I apologize for missing it, but that is definitely not a common theme of the week. If you use 247s team talent calculator, you will see that FAU is at 75 while Cincinnati is at 63rd. Cincinnati's average player is about an 83 while FAUs is about an 82. Nevermind the fact that I don't think youd get much of an argument from anyone that Kiffin has recruited offense much better and he coaches that side of the ball. The opposite can be said about coach Fickell. I just find it really curious to see people say these things heading into the game. "This game is going to be a much bigger test because they have more talent" Yes there have been variations of that. I heard someone say that Ohio State needs to abuse its depth because 1-30 are similar but Ohio State has more depth. LOL, REALLY?!?!? 1-30 are similar? You also get a lot of people talk about how this defense is way improved and how they loved the defense and then project Cincinnati to have 17 points in the first half. Can 17 points happen? Sure but in my opinion, if you think the defense is much better, 17 is not even close to the most likely outcome in the first half in a given prediction. I'm not sure if this respect given to Cincinnati is due to their location and familiarity with a lot of people talking along with the coaching staff and recent success. Hell I'm not even saying the game can't be close. I just think that people are giving Cincinnati unwarranted credit when saying that Ohio State can be playing well and only up 4 at half time. If anyone else has noticed this or wants to counter, I'd love to interact but I just thought I'd spread a little perspective on the situation that I think is likely being missed by most this week.

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