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Comment 19 hours ago
Its cool to read quotes from Kyion becuase its CLEARLY a kid that i don't think thought he was going to be that guy at a school like Ohio State as a recruit and that he's constantly excited that has happened. Good for him
Comment 22 Jan 2021
Nevada suggesting the opposite and kinda my feeling on the whole thing. Seems like he thinks Davis wants to go to Ohio State and that they need to convince the parents that its best for him. Says the early enrollees and their parents are very aware of this and its their job this weekend to sell the parents. Makes sense as all these kids are moving in this weekend and I'd expect a lot of parents to be in town this weekend
Comment 15 Jan 2021
Anything can happen next season and its not like guys cannot become 1st rounders in a year, but its WAY easier to increase your draft stock and even just your brand (preseason AA, talk of the preseason shows/GameDay shows throughout the year) when you are THAT DUDE going into the season instead of week 5.
Comment 06 Jan 2021
Theyre definitely getting better... the next step is them to find the next in line, young coach and have him have a good year or two with their improved rosters that they should have. Thats how they'd actually level up consistently
Comment 04 Jan 2021
I get that concept, but I'd take Pantoni over half the GMs in the league in the heartbeat. Morey is a good example of how anyone sharp can succeed as a gm. Half of the guys in the NFL are not as sharp as Mark...have you ever watched them talk?
Comment 11 Dec 2020

There is a difference between being a good QB and being a good QB to play with. Ohio State has #1. more safety at the QB position. In theory, Egbuka will never play with anyone before their third season, at least that's the plan. If he is, its because a younger player beat out an older 5 star, so I'm sure hell be fine. Also, Ohio State is less willing to go the QB run route. Fields would have way more rushing yards at OU than OSU and the new QBs are all less athletic than Fields. Egbuka is more locked into secure, quality targets at OSU if he is a surefire first rounder. Id argue there are more quality receivers at OSU, but OU is second in WR recruiting and its unlikely that Egbuka goes to one place and gets 11 targets and the other he gets 4 a game. Both have depth, both have good offenses, on-field role should simply come down to how good he is. The differentiator for me is a few things, development, relationships, and team quality. Ohio State more locked into the playoffs than OU is. Ohio State can promise more at WR development. Hartline is cool, young, and incredibly experienced at achieving the goal Egbuka wants to accomplish.

Comment 02 Dec 2020

I think if the first positive test was Monday and not Wednesday, we play on Saturday after 3+rounds of clean tests. Our issue was really that we had bad timing and positive tests the day before travel and there was no way to limit further infection with supreme confidence

Comment 26 Nov 2020
Nevada said that "those affected play a minimal amount" but wouldn't say that no starters are out. Ohio State's twitter just posted a tweet that showed them practicing today, but with masks on. Nevada did also confirm that Fields is obviously not impacted. You can see Fields, Myers, NPF, and Munford in the pictures fwiw.
Comment 16 Nov 2020
Imagine committing to Michigan right now. LOL. I wouldn't come within shouting distance of a team clearly underperforming their expectations until they made whatever coaching changes they make. No reason to commit to a school unless you dont care about coaching at all, dumb and rare, or eventually someone that recruited you gets fired and you reopen your recruitment. Especially if you are a 5-star looking at Michigan. You have a spot, don't need to publicly commit to claim a scholarship ahead of time
Comment 03 Nov 2020
Yeah I think its easy to get mixed up but he made zero claims about JT's actual recruitment really. Its not paywalled I dont think (because I read it and don't have a sub)
Comment 03 Nov 2020
Ari wrote about JT being a big recruit left. Said he is a cornerstone to winning the top recruiting class that was once looking like Ohio State's and now Alabama has a slight lead. That that could be a bit misconstrued, but he gave no take on who leads for JT
Comment 03 Nov 2020
AG and other insiders seem hesitant on Davis simply because hes been quiet. They like the chances at Davis. Fwiw, there is this guy on the BuckeyeScoop board that Nevada and (I think another insider) said knows what he's talking about and he says that both Davis and Burton will be in relatively soon. Barely says anything on the boards but they said to listen to what he says
Comment 02 Nov 2020
Birm asked the 2022 commits if they felt like they were competing with the 2021 class. They all immediately emphatically said they will have the #1 class and it will be better than the 2021 class, FWIW
Comment 28 Oct 2020
Uh, I disagree? AG talked about these rumors right when they started. He said a lot of things that AE said really. AE just dropped hints about it being Ewers that no one else really did, but no one was stating names before they've been crystal balled to OSU unless I'm missing something. AG said that there was a bunch of rumors but they didn't have firm backing on anything where they wanted to name names because nothing was firm. I think thats appropriate. Today, he said that Ewers is one of the guys they were told about in the same breath as Burton. I mean has anyone at 247 mentioned Ewers outside of Roach because Texas is freaking out? Now AE has basically confirmed that, but even he said on this very board that he kinda regretted doing so... I dont think there was really anything wrong with what he did in the short or long term TBH