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Comment 18 Jan 2020
Correct. I think that Ohio State would be #1 on my list for benefitting from paying players. Massive alumni base, huge national fan base, in a city with abundant amount of businesses and people. Don't think there is any team that could really compete with that for first, basically check every mark
Comment 18 Jan 2020
I think they can 100% get a top class if things go their way. Birms general point seemed to allude to the fact that Ohio State will not be in on these late splashed on guys like Ringo and Washington (who literally everyone in the world thinks got paid). Maybe those guys are a strange coincidence, but what he said on Menace to Society said the same stuff again about certain teams playing with different rules and that he thinks itll be hard for OSU to sustain over long periods of time. I think it can work if you never lose momentum, which they really shouldn't. I do think it would be really interesting to chart like average household median income and average high school GPA of different programs and see the trends. I REALLLY think you'd see some crazy numbers. I dont claim to know the personal lives of every ohio state recruit, but dont all of them seem to have involved and supportive families, make multiple unofficial visits, and seem intelligent when talking? Now you can certainly make an argument that this is due to the culture fit emphasis put on recruiting, but I know for a fact that there are other elite programs that cannot say any of those things. Not really bashing other programs or anything, I just do think there are a lot of hints that could lead you to believe that Birm knows what he's talking about on this subject without just giving him the benefit of the doubt
Comment 17 Jan 2020
There are more than enough players that OSU gets unofficials from to make up a #1 class over the last few years if they had a full class and a few things broke their way. After the fields transfer, they really did have the #1 class in 2018, they just have to have everything fall right. There are enough guys out there but you have to basically hit on all of them. Theyve hit on a good amount and gotten consistent top 5 classes, cant complain. They are consistently a top 3 team in raw talent and draft picks. More than good enough from raw talent.
Comment 17 Jan 2020
Shouldn't this decision have SOMETHING to do with how they feel about Martinez and the numbers? Like how are you going to turn away Gibbs due to numbers when you have a recruit that you may or may not have join the class. If you are willing to make room for Martinez but no one else, I get that I guess, but isn't it irresponsible to not let him visit before you actually know what martinez is doing? If Cam leaves and Gibbs doesn't visit, they are clearly planning on getting martinez and then figuring out the numbers but they couldnt do that if Cam leaves and Ginbs wants in? Seems strange
Comment 12 Jan 2020
I wonder what your Georgia lean was from? When all of that facebook stuff went down, I found an old jahmyr gibbs facebook page that said he went to georgia. This was generally normal for kids to name their favorite school in their facebook profile. This would indicate to me that Gibbs did love georgia as a kid. Now as it seems Gibbs is relatively salty about not being Georgia's first, second, or third option, I wonder how he thinks teams like LSU and OSU are in that conversation. Osu in particular has definitely been in on him for a while, but obviously not as long as GT and I definitely this is a thing to watch out for maybe in comments that come out at some point. Seems as though he is very willing to hold a grudge and I think that definitely give GT a nice advantage.
Comment 10 Jan 2020
Yes exactly. What this does allow though is to be comfortable bringing in one singular questionable person because that person will not cause real problems if he continues to be an issue. If he wants to come and become a better person, he has the opportunity to do that easily with the kids OSU has on roster now and if he doesn't shape up, he'll be on his own. What you cant have in multiple bad personalities on a team. One issue out of 85 will never cause issues that are anything more than a single player. The question is if they want to take the small risk on him as a person
Comment 10 Jan 2020
I THINK that Ohio State's football program is developing elite chemistry and culture within the players and this is something that people on the beat and recruiting analysts around the country have said multiple times. We have talked about it before, but I am simply referring to the type of kids that they are being in and the maturity/personality of those kids. There are zero guys that ohio state has on roster right now that I think people would of as character questions in my opinion. Maybe I am forgetting someone, but I cannot think of one that comes to mind. In my opinion, what this eventually means is that you can take a shot or two on elite talent over time that may have these concerns because the culture is so solid that IF they cannot behave, they look like a fool and get kicked out/leave and the culture remains. The issue for most college teams is that if you dont have the luxury of being choosy to fit the culture if you want to compete and there are programs that have to take the 5-star troublemakers if they want 5 stars. That all being said, I'd be in for Evans if there was any relationship with the players that they liked him. I dont want to bring in a troublemaker that no one likes, but if it's a kid that's made mistakes but is well liked by the guys, I think there is more opportunity to fall in line with the rest of the culture. Evans would not threaten the OSU culture in any way IMO and that would be my biggest concern with him in general. I dont think that the coaching staff is currently thinking like this, but I think they could and they'd be fine
Comment 06 Jan 2020
I'll be honest here. I think it's kinda shotty to negative recruit coaching continuity outside of the HC. Utah's DC was all over rumors and just didnt get the right offer. The last defensive staff is going to be really different by the time he leaves IMO. Staffs can run for 3-5 years together, but at some point you either continue to improve and upgrade or you hit a ceiling and eventually leave. Staffs dont stick for 10 years very often
Comment 03 Jan 2020
They're 100% real. The issue that I have with them though is that not all of those comments are truly in conversation with each other and I think that "he signs next month" doesn't HAVE to mean that he is signing there next month. I mean I think it's fair to assume it does but I mean it definitely does not have to
Comment 30 Dec 2019
QB coach at Ohio State right now isnt this super high demand job, as crazy as that sounds. It doesnt mean that it doesn't matter, but you have two playcallers ahead of you, you have a HC that is a QB coach by trade and wants to be very involved. The best thing in the QB room alongside Day imo is someone that is like minded and can really relate to the QBs and recruits. Age is a huge deal there and I think every recent QB at Ohio State has loved Dennis because he almost feels like one of them. Dennis has been in the QB room with Day for 3 years and has been very influential in the development of 2 straight heisman candidate seasons. Like it or not, that is more experience and upside than any 50 something former OC at a failed program that is on his 8th coaching stop. Ohio State doesn't need that.
Comment 20 Dec 2019

I think you don't get what he's saying? Kelee Ringo has been rumored by multiple people in subtle ways as a player that wants to be paid money for his services. Nothing more than that. 

Comment 19 Dec 2019

Going to anything >Tier 1 program as a 5-star caliber, instant impact type player is dumb if its a football decision and I don't even think that is debatable. There is no one in their right mind that can say otherwise really. If you want to see what I am talking about, just go to 247 sports and click on a random year and look through the first 30 names. How many of them went to top 5 schools and how many didn't? How many of each were "busts." It all depends on the kid, but the resources, competition, exposure, and success that comes with playing at a top 5-10 program on a top unit in the country helps a TON at the end of the day. That's just how it is. Some guys overcome it, but its definitely a lower probability outcome if you are actually as talented as you think.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

I say we void Jeff Hafley's contract and take the money and send a screenshot of it to Kelee Ringo and see what happens. How's that sound?

Comment 18 Dec 2019
Can we take a second to reflect on the fact that there is an Ohio State commit that is going to flip because Northwestern told him theyd use him in creative ways... LOL. NORTHWESTERN
Comment 18 Dec 2019
Jarrett was never gonna make sense. The move from Phillips is just weird to me. Seemed really solid and firm. This seems like someone who wanted a reason to get out. He moved way too fast IMO.
Comment 18 Dec 2019

I've been pretty confident this would be the case all along as it normally is with elite teams, especially in college. I think it would've been a bigger problem for LSU bc they go 5 wide so much with an empty backfield and no help. Look at how Wisconsin and Penn State played Chase. Chase was killing teams but they played him relatively straight up. Why? Well they though, "oh well we are better than Miami of Ohio and Cincinnati. That won't happen to us, we just need to play our game." A few weeks later Penn State literally said pregame we are just gonna let him play normal and we are gonna have to counter him by making plays. This was a general miscalculation on their part bc making plays on Ohio State is incredibly difficult and Chase Young makes a LOT of plays that you have to counter. 

Now you look at how Michigan treated it because they finally understood, "hey guys we played penn state and wisconsin and they are pretty good at football and this dude absolutely smoked them." They knew that they had to stop him at all costs and so did Wisconsin bc they watched what happened the first time.

I think that Clemson is basically going to assume that "he can't do that to us." This will be a major issue and its just an ego thing. The key for them is that they need to have plans in case, you know, he's just insane and kills them too. If they have answers he'll be an issue for a bit and then they get into a different set. If they don't Chase Young can end a game with 4 sacks and shut down the entire offense at times. I would be surprised if Chase isn't a key factor early. If he is also a key factor late Clemson is gonna have some issues. They'd be a lot better off IMO selling out to protect and playing undermanned downfield.

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Its not that he doesn't want to, its that taking literally any professional coach and draw them back to college is difficult, especially if they are older because the quality of life outside of football is better as an NFL coach from a time perspective. There are a lot of guys that will and a lot that wont. Something can be fun for a while but take a toll after a while and once you get into the NFL style, it can definitely be hard to come back to that really intense and time consuming job. No one knows what he wants but it is a fair question to ask about literally any current NFL coach

Comment 16 Dec 2019

He would be if he came to Ohio State and I think that is kinda the conversation he has to have. He has been a head coach and he needs to figure out if he wants to be one again or if he wants to coast in Tennessee for the foreseeable future until he has to go somewhere else. You're not getting an HC job as the Titans cornerback coach, regardless of whatever else happens. If you go to Ohio State as teh co-DC and call plays, with his track record he'd be an HC in 2 years if he is successful and he wants to coach. HC is a grind, especially in college and I think he understands that but the Ohio State DC is gonna get you an HC job about 50 times faster than the Titans CB coach

Comment 16 Dec 2019

I'd be pretty surprised if both CJ Stroud and Jack Miller are not or have not been the starting QB on a top ten team four years from now. I believe that they both kinda know that which is why they are both willing to come. At this point in the transfer portal and the recent success, QBs shouldn't be that scared to compete early at an elite program under an elite coach because there are always good football teams that need a QB.

Look at Burrow at LSU. Is Joe Burrow the QB he is today if he spends the first 3 years of his career at LSU? IDK, maybe, but I kinda think that his experience in OSU's offense helped him learn the new offense that they implemented this year because it is more like what he would have been asked to do at Ohio State. Ohio State QBs and Ryan Day QBs are gonna have a lot of clout on the transfer market moving forward especially if they are legitimately heavily recruited and top-end talents before they got to ohio state. Do you think Auburn or Florida or Georgia or LSU might want a polished QB to step in down the line? Or even other teams like maybe a Texas or USC ect.

I think OU is gonna trend like OSU with Riley establishing himself as an elite QB coach and either this year or next as Rattler takes over and the reigns over to the next 5 star they get. There could always be a grace year where an elite guy pops up as a one year rental but I really don't think that is their long term plan while it has worked recently. 

If I am a QB, I do what I can to learn those offenses under these head coaches and if I have to go somewhere as a junior I get to literally pick any school in the country where I know 1. the team will be good 2. I will be the starter because you don't have to go to a school and project 3 years down the line, you jump right in as THE guy

Comment 16 Dec 2019

No offense to Clark or anyone that plays corner but if you think you are going to lead your team to a national championship at corner, you might want to think again. #1. At Ohio State, you will get thrown at MORE and have MORE plays to be made early in your career, which is good. #2. You have more defensive line pressure, which equals picks. #3. You have more talent around so you can play whatever position fits best like slot or outside in his situation instead of being thrown at WR1 every game in the pac 12. #4. As a corner, you should show up more because nothing happened more than bc you are the best player on the field and if you ARE the best player on the field at Utah in three years, teams won't give you a chance to make plays. Jeff Okudah is the best corner in the country and teams HAD to throw at him at times because the corners around him were also really talented and he would be up against the opponents WR1 and their WR1 was their only option. #5. Ohio State DBs get the benefit of the doubt and its a lot easier to flash. Ohio State is known for DBs and if you are starting and look good at Ohio State, you WILL be a top pick. You can be identified at Utah, but guys that go to ohio state and play corner well do NOT slip. AT ALL. 

Comment 16 Dec 2019

I feel like if Ohio State is aware of this happening, they're in no trouble. Would seem like that has to come from Martinez himself and if he is telling OSU that, its not gonna work. If some other girl comes around talking shit about your girlfriend to you and then you go and tell your girlfriend about it, usually you are laughing at them not dumping the girlfriend for the girl talking shit. Isn't that kinda shitty by Northwestern? I think that Cam thinks he's really good and IDK how that would fly with a kid that thinks he 100% belongs and has never really failed. It's one thing if its a guy that people are unsure about why he's even a take for OSU, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Martinez.  Thats you basically telling a guy he's not good enough. Doesn't really make sense to me and it would only be concerning if they told him that and no one knew about it.