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Comment 10 hours ago
I mean sure but like I mean why are people going on record in support of Michigan in this game ever? Seems like a strange idea regardless of who you know there. Also strange to me if you did have a very strong relationship with one team and no relationship with other to publish that take.
Comment 03 Aug 2020
Is he still going to school? I'd assume there is something he could do to avoid going to school every day. Schools are going to be very high risk id think.
Comment 02 Aug 2020
247 eval- Mccord: matt Stafford Cv: 4-7 round SI elite 11 eval: mccord 7, CV 17 247 eval, mccord pp4, cv 16th Rivals eval mccord 4th (24 overall), cv 9th (190 overall) I believe ESPN has cv outside of top 300. Mccord is the 6th overall qb. I feel as though this is a large enough sample size to state there IS. A difference
Comment 31 Jul 2020

Not a great place to post it, but FWIW, there was a lot of banter about Aiden Leigh's offer a few days ago, as he had only been offered by teams trying to get in on Tristan. Florida offered Aiden today, while being a non-player in the Tristan battle. Found it interesting seeing as they have no reason to offer outside of the kid himself. 

Comment 28 Jul 2020
RJ has great content, espdcially for casual fans that want digestible info in short clips. He clearly cares and pays attention more than most guys that do similar things. He isn't going to break a ton of news, he generally is reporting sources from other places besides when he talks to guys himself
Comment 27 Jul 2020

Aiden doesn't look as good as Tristan here, but I think that its fair to compare the two, as they are brothers and one is now a five star recruit. Aiden is clearly smaller and not as strong, but I think that you CAN tell that they are related. Tristans freshman film is also clearly below the two posted here, FWIW. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9891619/59fce766386d6a1bac6c71a6

Comment 27 Jul 2020

Goes back to my initial comment when someone insinuated that Maryland's offer was to get on Leigh's top 5. I don't know the younger brother's talent level, but an offer doesn't cost anything if things don't pan out long term but getting in on genes early on in the process to build relationships is really important. Obviously for Maryland, establishing relationships with upside could give them an in on a local talent down the line. For OSU, they were his first high caliber offer over the big dogs if it becomes a national recruitment. I don't want to be an offer machine, but I think being early is VERY beneficial in recruiting and has helped a ton with this staff. 

Comment 24 Jul 2020
I get the stats, but they're potentially misleading. It saying nothing about how many kids early enroll. If 15% early enroll but 40% of freshman all Americans are early enrollees. Also I COULD be wrong here, but I think that early enrolling is more common the better the school from what I see. While this should mean the kids going there are better, its harder to be a freshman AA at Ohio State that it is at Purdue if its the same player. Lots of skewed stats and a lot of it clearly depends on positional development. The general notion that spending spring working out at high school and going to prom is better than being in Ohio State's strength program/practices and getting a head start on classes is egregious (which is why more and more kids are early enrolling). Skipping an entire year is different
Comment 23 Jul 2020
I believe Ben Chrisman on the RJ young show yesterday said that ohio state recruits are talking about similar things. Maybe it was someone else but thats what I thought. Is that what you are referring to or is that happening without ohio states involvement
Comment 21 Jul 2020
I'm sorry, but can they get the fuck over themselves? He is a kid from Georgia that uses an ohio state Xbox controller and his mom sleeps with an Ohio State blanket. THEY had to do some sketchy shit to get him to commit to clemson in the first place. Anyone with common sense can figure that out
Comment 20 Jul 2020

top 15 level is a bit low IMO. That can happen once, but it's truly not a great strategy current day with how much talent the best teams are getting

Comment 20 Jul 2020
I actually think its fine but the reason is putrid. If it were me running things, I would tell my team that we are simply ranking kids based on what we truly think. That doesn't mean overreact or anything, but it means that a kid having a great senior year can jump a lot more than maybe they used to. I would actually always do this, but specifically this year, there are plenty of kids that would have jumped up in the camp circuit. If they see a kids tape and traits and they say, wow, that's a top 50 kid based on this film but he was the 323rd ranked kid theist time we saw him last year. I think that kid, would have struggled to be top 50 because the lack of sample size. They don't make a bunch of drastic jumps. This year, sample size is at a premium. You aren't going to get a ton. If a kid shows up and is clearly better than his ranking, move up his ranking. I think these places hedge a lot of a large sample over time and I think that shouldn't happen as much this year. I just want the final ranks to reflect basically what they think would have happened if everyone played based on whatever sample they had, not just "oh let's not drop this guy because he played less and maybe he just had a few off games."
Comment 19 Jul 2020

If you give bama Payne, Mckinstry, Marshall, Sorey, arnold, Brain Thomas, and ouztz, which includes basically EVERY big name player they are seen to be in the conversation for, that is 22 recruits and is 7 points better than the CURRENT Ohio state class. Again, they would need Ohio State to fail incredibly or Alabama would need multiple guys that they're own websites arent even talking about. FWIW, OSU with egbuka = that Bama class in rank at 312. OSU would have 2 less players and a punter(Bama doesn't have a specialist RN)

Could it happen? Sure. It would, again, take a DRASTIC change in multiple recruitments

Comment 19 Jul 2020

Maybe I'm just dumb, but the race for #1 is not a race if OSU land Emeka and JTT. Or if you flip one of those to Leigh. They are a large favorite for Emeka and a favorite for JTT. Alabama, once they get Payne, has 0 crystal balls for top 50 players remaining. Ohio State would have to lose guys or lose every battle upcoming to not win unless I'm missing something. Id bet on Ohio state -idk 700 to be the top ranked class assuming rankings don't drastically change I guess

Comment 19 Jul 2020
I get that, but Ewers has said that this will be a business decision multiple times. If the best QB in the country keeps saying that and his perceived top 2 schools are Ou and OSU, that tell me that he ain't going to auburn. Maybe I'm wrong, but they just don't provide the same value. I think that ewers odds of being the first qb taken in the draft after his junior year at least double if he goes to Ohio state or Oklahoma instead of Auburn
Comment 16 Jul 2020
Think thats a stretch. I get the concept, but I think that they should wait until they have a prime candidate. The BEST player in the country is going to the best school for them unless they have a longstanding personal tie. Ewers was so good that Ohio State was talking to him in middle school. Not like Texas couldve done much better than that. I get they want to be an elite program, but I think Herman is clearly able to get them over the hump if things bounce their way. He's been far from perfect, but the bigger issue comes if they don't show signs of being that next program or if they don't recruit as well after they make it once. They were not far away from being something two years ago and if it weren't for 2 horrible goal line stalls in the first quarter, they wouldve probably beaten LSU. I dont see a guy on the market to become Texas HC and make them instantly a top 5-7 recruiting team in the country that is viable. If that stays the case, dont think herman has really shown incompetency when it comes to making some sort of noise
Comment 15 Jul 2020

If you think that he shows up next year and starts, I think you should probably expect him to start this year IMO. Now, if we REALLY want to get into this discussion, could we theoretically knock on Donovan Edwards door as RB2 in this class, TECHINCALLY? I doubt it but I MEAAAAAN, lets dream a bit

Comment 15 Jul 2020
From whatbi understand, they both could *probably* play tackle if needed and have been listed as such at different times, but they're primarily guards. There is no way they leave this cycle without a tackle, likely 2
Comment 15 Jul 2020
Yeah I just dont think Urban has ever really talked to Hancock or really talks that in depth with the staff. Hafley was probably really invested in Hancock's decision and I'd assume he'd be someone that could easily have that take off the record
Comment 15 Jul 2020
Speaking of Hafley, I believe that Birm said a source that was on Ohio state staff but is no longer told him that he should continue to look for a hancock flip after hancock committed. Maybe its a lower end source meaning someone we just don't even know, but Hafley fits the bill and wouldve been the main recruiter for hancock before he left, so would know that situation well
Comment 15 Jul 2020
Do agree that she comes off like a homer. I've probably seen her content 10-15 times and almost always get that feeling. One of the reasons I like a lot of the OSU insiders tbh. I want someone that is generally just saying what is objectively the case, think Birm is probably the best at it but BG, givler, and gleitman all do this pretty well IMO. Same thing as sports announcers. Nothing I hate more than announcers for local sports that might as well be in their teams dugout. Even it thats the team I root for i just find it unprofessional and generally annoying
Comment 14 Jul 2020
I don't doubt that Ewers is their top guy as it seems like that's who everyone thinks is the best, but like every OSU real target answers OSU when asked who is recruiting them the hardest since Day took over. I'd be pretty surprised if another staff in the country talks to their top guys as much as they do, based on what recruits constantly say
Comment 11 Jul 2020
Seems pretty aggressive, but that is the 3rd ranked player for 247 and a top 10 player at Rivals. Huge deal especially with a class that can bring in hicks, McClellan, and powers, (even if they don't all end up playing LB)