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From the Log of Admiral Dae: A Gathering Storm of Stars

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August 29, 2019 at 1:02pm

Hello, Buckeye faithful! The season is nearly upon us, and with a new season of Buckeye football will also come a new season of genre themed after action reports. For this year we have a new star (Admiral Dae Riyan) and a new theme (space opera). If you're new to this, last season I wrote a series of AARs after each Buckeye game, the theme being medieval fantasy (look for the "From the Lore of Lord Urban of Meyer" series in the archives if you're curious), and the season before I wrote on a Civil War theme. Here's to hoping this will be a good season for our Buckeyes!

Without further ado, here's our first entry: 

Stardate 82919.12

The spacers and marines are restless. My officers too. They can feel it like subtle shifts in the fabric of subspace, like the background radiation of long dead stars. We've known peace for some time now, ever since Supreme Commander May-Ar went missing in the Foxx Relay after the battle with the Wazinton Confederacy, but peace is as illusive as it is elusive. Do the stars in all their elemental violence know peace? No, and neither do we, the rightful lords of the cosmos. 

For most of a span I've been the admiral, undisputed commander of the Bukki Star Empire's armada, but while my power is secure from within, on every frontier challengers have emerged. Our old nemeses the Wolva of the Ann-Appa Nebula of course would like to see us fall, but they're not ready to make a move on us yet, not after what May-Ar did to them at the Siege of Kolmbus Prime. Instead, we now look to a smaller, but no less important, threat. 

To our armward direction, from the dimness of the Flada Galactic Spiral, a flotilla of malcontents calling themselves the Star Owls have threatened our outposts. Our ships refitted for deep space operations, our drives calibrated, our officers briefed, we now stand ready to put the fleet into operations for the first time in almost a span. I hope the rust of peace hasn't set in too deep. These Space Owls may be a ragged outfit, but they've got firepower, and more importantly they're not afraid to use it. 

Signing off for now, 

Admiral Dae Riyan, Supreme Commander of the Bukki Star Empire

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