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If You Could Add One Tradition To The Football Program... What Would It Be?

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July 23, 2019 at 11:23am

I love College Football.  Have been an Ohio State Fan all my life.  As a kid I would listen in awe to the stories my uncle would tell about the 70's and picked up so many things about the great traditions we have as a program.  So my question to the board to generate some off season discussion is this: If you could add or change one tradition to the football team, what would it be and why?

I'll get the discussion rolling with this; I love the removing of the black stripe that Urban brought here, but instead of removing a "black stripe" as a symbolic representation for joining the team, I would change it to a freshman gaining their "first" Buckeye Leaf.  For me, the symbolic act of gaining vs removing better fits the intended effect of this tradition.  You could even have the "first" buckeye leaf a slightly different style from the other buckeye helmet stickers to create differentiation and added importance. 

**(I don't know, but it is entirely possible that there is already a tradition around a player getting their first buckeye leaf.  If so I would love to know what that is if any former players or coaches would care to elaborate)

Honorable mention suggestion:  I wish at the games we would incorporate one half of the stadium yelling O.H. and the other half yelling back I.O. Like during timeouts or the start of the fourth quarter.  My reasoning for this would be it would be considerably louder than each section (north stands, south stands, etc.)  yelling their assigned letter of the word O.H.I.O. (Which i'm not suggesting we get rid of either bc that is one of the most  iconic and amazing sound bites when we take over opponents stadiums)

What are your guys thoughts on any traditions you would love to see?  Thanks for reading and Go Bucks!


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