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What I Believe Will Be the Biggest Surprise of the 2019 Season

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July 17, 2019 at 10:03am

I know that a lot of people will think that I'm crazy, but I am of the opinion that even though the Buckeyes have struggled on defense for the last couple of years, I fully believe that OSU has a bunch of hungry badasses on defense, and that the biggest surprise of 2019 is that the team is going to be led, not by Justin Fields, or JK Dobbins, but by a defense that dominates from beginning to end.  The frustration of watching the level of talent that OSU has had for the last 10 years, being wasted by being set up for failure will be forgotten, but allowing the superior talent just being the play and tearing some asses up.  Does anybody in the world really believe that the 2018 Purdue team would've had a chance in hell, if that game was played on the school yard, with no coaches?  Sure, that little waterbug RB would've still made a few plays, but the bigger, faster, better athletes that OSU has would've kicked the shit out of Purdue, had they not been held back by the lack of a consistent defensive message being conveyed in 2017-18.  I think that OSU will be the best defense in the Big Ten, and one of the best in CFB, with the DL talent they have, along with the excellent DBs, and the LBs being told to just go get the ball.


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