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What Could Have Happened if the Roles Were Reversed?

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July 10, 2019 at 2:51pm

Grew up in the 90's. Know Coop, like Coop ... was constantly annoyed with him, even as a teen. I'd kinda consider him Urban Meyer *lite* on football (results matter, even if you recruit well). He did recruit well, gang busters. What he said in interviews, he indeed believed: It's just another game & things happened to screw it up. No more important than any other. Most can agree that approach was his downfall. As a youngin', I also believed that powerhouse programs were just incapable of failing. I mean, athletic departments & universities this size are just incapable of being irrelevant and/or embarrassments. A year or two could happen of complete ineptitude, sure. Not a decade plus. If you were going to predict a nose dive for our beloved program, wayyyyyy back to Cooper's demise, how would it have planned out? Who would've been the HC hire? Who would the deer-tick state up north have hired?

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