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What's Your Dream Scenario for This Years Playoffs?

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June 21, 2019 at 2:19pm

How would you like to see them play out?
Here's mine...

Leading up to the playoffs:
MeatChicken & tOSU meet undefeated for the game. tOSU rolls them up like a doobie as they get smoked by 35 points at home by the Buckeyes. 
tOSU faces Purdon't in the B1G10 Championship and hands them their biggest defeat in Boilermaker history.

The Playoffs
1.) Clemson - glides in easy after scheduling FCS teams and being in the ACC.
2.) Bammy - same OOC fluff as Clemson, but then squeaks by Georgia, again!
3.) MoblieHoma - OU's high flying offense & no D gets them in somehow, & 3rd.
4.) tOSU - They go undefeated after a tough schedule the last 3rd of the season. BUT voting was close to keeping them out from ESPN campaigning to get a 2 loss Georgia team in!

Bama vs. OU
Jalen Hurts puts on a show.  This is an offensive track meet.  OU has no D, and Jalen puts the Hurts on Satan and Co.  It literally comes down to who had the ball last, and that was Jalen. 49-42 Sooners

Clemson vs. tOSU
The curse of Woody is broken.  The defense plays lights-out holding D-Bag Swindle's offense to their lowest yardage and scoring total in 2 years.  But the Day belongs to Ryan.  His offense moved the ball with a balanced attack augmented by magnificent plays by Fields General Justin.  42-10 Buckeyes

tOSU shows the real Championship was the last game with Clemson.  This bloodbath is colored maroon like the face of Mayfield as he watches tOSU dismantle the Sooners from the sidelines.  A crazy fan jumps from the stands and drives the Ohio State flag into the heart of Mayfield over the OU symbol on the turf.  56-3 Buckeyes

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