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Comment 14 Jun 2019

I really don't care about your anecdotes with no supporting info.  As for Clemson not administering the Osterine why were they concerned about a lawsuit from Lawrance then?

"SOURCE-Lawrence has said he has no idea how the PED entered his system. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney told The Post and Courier the ostarine could have been given to the players by the school itself, by mistake"

"Two Clemson senior administration officials who requested anonymity told The Post and Courier that the school feared a lawsuit from Lawrence, long projected as a first-round pick, if he fell too far in the draft and if the tumble could be tied to the failed PED test.

“We think we’re in the clear now,” one of the officials said Saturday."

Pretty clear which party is guilty. 

Those links are real life.

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Okay, here are facts and sources cited.

The half life of Ostarine Is 24 hours. So if they were taking the max amount recommended by body builders (35mg per day) for an extended cycle the Clemson players would have had to been administered Ostarine within a week.  Especially since the actual Ostarine compound was found, not just the metabolites that are associated with SARMs.

That week long period is more than likely less, because the extended studies on the drug used very sophisticated equipment that the NCAA does not use.

SARMs and Ostarine are expensive within the guidelines that no supplement company would intentionally add or "cut" their supplement  products with it.  Here's a 20 day supply that's $56.00
Also thinking GNC would shelve a controlled substance is a farce.

Clemson would not procure grey market supplements for their players, and if they had accidentally then ALL of the players would have tested hot.

If they were taking orals, then Ostarine would have been on the bottle.  Pro athletes and bodybuilders use this drug intramuscularly all of the time, especially if they are rehabbing a specific muscle group. They will actually localize the injection.

So, by the power of logic and science there's NO way someone in that program isn't privy to the fact they intentionally administered Ostarine. 

Yes, others do it, BUT Clemson got caught.  If tOSU gave up wins and canned people for tattoos and lying, Clemson should be held accountable for PEDs. 

Comment 17 May 2019

1.) Eddie George & Ezekiel Elliott 
2.) Keith Beyers & Robert Smith

Comment 02 Apr 2019

For the love of GAWD I hope the Raiders trade down or pick someone else. I do think that Chuckie would be a good HC fit to develop Haskins, but that organization has been a dumpster fire, and they're under financial strain. I would not be surprised if they pull a Jed York/49ERS and get everyone hyped about a new location and stadium. Then go cheap and fire the staff that helped bring you into relevance and set your team back 5 years.  

Organizations that are stable, committed to winning, and where he could develop IMHO:
49ERS (now they have Kyle Shanahan)
Patriots (This would be hard for rooting reasons..)

Where he lands is more important than what pick he is. Even if he's the 1st pick, if it doesn't work that looks bad on him and tOSU.

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Top-ranked defenses (total defense) Murray faced: 

#8 Army (81st in team passing efficiency defense)
QBR 99.5
Won 28-21 OT
home game
165 Yards
1 Rush TD
Notes: This was a home game. Went to  OT. Army was not great against the pass.

#16 Bammy (23rd  in team passing efficiency defense)  
QBR 72.1
Lost 34-45
neutral field
308 Yards
1 Rush TD
Notes: First 3 drives were 3-5 and outs. Bama let off the gas after putting up 31 points in the 1st half.

#24 TCU (24th in team passing efficiency defense)
QBR 89.9
Won 52-27
away game
213 Yards
Notes: This is not the team that tOSU faced earlier in the season. They were riddled with holes on D from injuries. 

#33 Iowa State (77th in team passing efficiency defense)
QBR 89.9
Won 37-27
away game
348 Yards

#67 Texas (79th in team passing efficiency defense)
(regular season game)
QBR 89.7
home game
Lost 45-48
304 Yards
1 Rush TD
Notes: Texas had a 45-24 point lead in the 4th and almost blew it.  They let off the gas and played prevent almost all the 4th. 

My takeaway is that Murray is an amazing QB, and his ability to run helped his QBR quite a bit. The best team he faced was Bama, and he was shut down until the 2nd half when Satan called off the dogs.  He played reasonably well against TCU and Iowa St, but the other games were pedestrian. I just do not see him playing the same way he did in college and live for very long.  

Top-ranked defenses (total defense) Haskins faced:

#2 MeatChicken (7th in team passing efficiency defense)
QBR 92.3
Won 62-39
home game
396 Yards
Notes: One of the greatest QB performances in the history of The Game. He was electric against a team that was ranked higher in total defense and pass defense efficiency coming into that game. 

#10 MSU (20th in team passing efficiency defense)
QBR 34.4
Won 26-6
away game
227 Yards
Notes: This was one of Haskins' worst performances of the year, but still won in a hard place to get the W.  I for one was upset that Haskins didn't keep the ball on options at this point. He took some sacks and had negative rushing yards which killed his QBR.

#12 Washington (26th in team passing efficiency defense)
QBR 67.4
Won 28-23
neural field 
251 Yards
3TD/ 0 Int
Notes: His numbers look worse than he played IMHO. They took their foot off the gas in the 2nd half with 5 straight punts in a row at one point. 3 sacks and negative rushing yards hurt his QBR along with too many incompletions. 

#24 TCU (24th in team passing efficiency defense) 
QBR 78.9
Won 40-28 
neural field, but kind of an away game 
344 Yards
1 rush TD
Notes: I'm not sure why his QBR is so low when he only was sacked once and had positive rush yards and no turnovers.

#34 State Penn (8th in team passing efficiency defense) 
QBR 22.6
Won 27-26
away game
270 Yards
3TD/ 1 INT
Notes: His low completion % and one INT killed his QBR, but IMHO this is one of Haskins' best performances if you forget the 1st half! He was masterful in the comeback. This, like MSU is one of the hardest places in college football to get a win.

The takeaway:
- Haskins played WAY better competition with the exception of Bama, and we saw what they did to Murray until the fell asleep at the wheel
- Murray was more consistent with QBR, but that's to be expected with a great running QB
- Haskins won against all of the top defenses they faced. Murray went 3-2
- Haskins won 3 times on the hardest fields to win an away game (PSU, MSU, Rose Bowl)
- Haskins wasn't playing in a system that is for Pro-Style QB's IMHO. This hurt his QBR with sacks, negative rush yards, etc.
- Murray is a much better runner obviously, but is that sustainable in the NFL?

From the tape, stats, and the teams faced I'm going with Haskins.  He played in an option system where he didn't keep the ball and rewrote the record books. 

Comment 04 Mar 2019

I want him to go to a team that has their s--t together. There's a reason some organizations in the NFL seem to keep losing year after year. The Browns and Bengals are shining examples of poorly run teams. I hope their team is invested in developing Haskins and has a QB whisperer for their OC. Lastly, the team's system needs to fit him. If he gets these three things I think he could have a great career.

The teams that have top 10 picks, or could move up to get him that I'd like to see him drafted by:
NY Giants
Denver Broncos

Other than that I don't see a team that wants or needs a QB, or has a system that's not a fit, or isn't a perennial dumpster fire. 

I doubt the Packers or Steelers move up to get him. 

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I don't know why the OP said he mostly didn't care where the coach came from.  Saban is from one of the biggest s#!+holes in the US, and he's done just fine, especially with the Iron Bowl. Who cares where he's from if he's capable and a quality person. No one chooses where they are born. 

Day is more than smart enough to know the gravity of The Game. His moves so far tell me he's capable of extending the current streak of 7; hopefully tying or breaking the old one which is 9 (scUM 1901-1909).

Most importantly I'm wanting him to win NINE IN A ROW so tOSU will have the overall record of The Game before I check out! 

Let me dream, please! 

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I was thinking about this game, and the ESPN's "The U" special, and was amazed how arrogant those buffoons still are after the loss! More importantly, I pondered whether I'd rather root for a team that has:

A.) Elite talent and swagger, but were more about the image and individual. 
B.) Good talent, lunch pail mentality, played for each other with a never-say-die spirit.

B won that day, and it wouldn't want it any other way. 

Comment 28 Feb 2019

Spot on post. Where a QB lands, especially one that needs more development like Haskins is paramount! The quality of the organization has a huge impact also. That's why I hope he goes to the Giants, Broncos, etc.  A team that will commit to helping him and winning.  

Comment 28 Feb 2019

Even if you factor in how there's a fashionable trend to more of college style of offense in the NFL right now; you have to take into consideration the QBs that have had sustained success and have avoided major injuries are pocket QBs.  

Comment 28 Feb 2019

How did you get extrapolate this rankings list of QBs?  NO WAY Allen and Rosen rated higher than Haskins.  Rosen had so many issues on and off of the field.  The NFL grades post combine were 6.19 for Rosen and 5.9 for Allen.  Haskins' preliminary score is 6.25, which rarely drops. His only worries are running based drills.  

Comment 28 Jan 2019

I am very appreciative for all the amazing memories Meyer provided us, and his accomplishments should surpass any rational fan's expectations.

I will add these things in hindsight though!

1.) Should have developed a short yardage run game that didn't include to QB keeping the ball.
2.) Should have fired Z. Smith for underperforming.
3.) Should have some way to rally the troops when games (Clemson, Purdon't, & Iowa) were getting away from them.  

Comment 25 Jan 2019

I do like Haskins going to a better run organization like the NY Giants.  Also, I think he could learn a ton under Eli.

From 2018
"It's not your job to mentor somebody, but I wouldn't look at it as that role," Manning said. "I would look at it as, 'Hey, it's my job to prepare and compete and be ready to play each and every game.' In that process, you're always talking football, you're always helping out the other guys in the room. With Davis Webb this year, with Geno (Smith), with guys over the years, you're always helping them out and so nothing changes. It's about doing your job but also helping the other guys around you and having great communication in the quarterback room has always been important to me." - Eli

Comment 13 Jan 2019

Where he lands is the key to his success.  Good organization, please see how Elway and Eli forced the Buccaneers & Chargers to take other QBs. 

He will also need a QB whisperer OC or QB coach. Someone who can help him develop.  I wish him the best.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

I was very young when Byars played at tOSU and had moved from Ohio, so I only got to see him during national coverage.  I will say that I do think the voting was way off when you weigh Murray vs. Haskins.  

1.) Tua - It sure felt like he was getting the benefit of the doubt of being great from playing a good 1/2 in the NC the year before.  He was not going to win it due to missing playing time in the end, that killed his standings with voters.  Even though it's after the fact, I'll say he does not like to get hit and had happy feet once he faced a D-Line that could pressure him.  Clemson had him skittish all night.  I'm not saying tOSU could get pressure the way Clemson did, but I've seen Dwayne keep his cool with players in his face.

2.) Murray put up big numbers against lesser talent all season long.  At the end of the regular, season I ran the numbers of who he faced, their defensive team ranking, and their average passing yards allowed.  Haskins had the same completion % with 156 attempts (that's 45% more than Murray).  If you take out the Army game, the average ranking for total defense Murray faced was 75th and passing yards defense was 91st, and they would not have faced a top 25 defense. 

Murray is SUPER fast and plays in a system that utilizes his skill set.  Scarlet colored glasses aside, I think he and Haskins should have been way closer in the Heisman voting.

Defenses Murray Faced   Total Defense Rank    Avg Pass Yards Allowed Rank    QBR
Florida Atlantic                           90                                         78                             301.4
UCLA                                        105                                        88                             159.4
at Iowa State                              34                                         62                             207.4
Army                                          11                                          30                             218.4
Baylor                                        77                                          78                              348
Texas (L 48-45)                          68                                         113                            214.4
at TCU                                       26                                          40                             208.7
Kansas State                             73                                          90                             243.6
at Texas Tech                            111                                        127                            160.4
Oklahoma State                         99                                         107                            184.9
Kansas                                       80                                          92                             151.4
at West Virginia                          74                                        100                             216.6
Texas                                         68                                         113                             196.3
Average rank                             70                                          86                              205.7
Teams in the top 25                   1                                             0
Teams in the bottom 25             2                                             4

Defenses Haskins Faced       Total Defense Rank      Avg Pass Yards Allowed Rank     QBR
Oregon State                                 128                                       101                                209.3
Rutgers                                           70                                         22                                 229.4
@TCU                                             26                                        40                                 156.6
Tulane                                             81                                        114                                262.7
@Penn State                                  37                                         21                                 134.8
Indiana                                           87                                          84                                 197.8
Minnesota                                       64                                         61                                 176.2
@Purdue                                       103                                       123                                 127.5
Nebraska                                        96                                         76                                  136.8
@Michigan State                            14                                         64                                  118.9
@Maryland                                     63                                         44                                   184
Michigan                                          1                                           2                                    235.7
Northwestern                                  62                                        106                                  220.5
Average rank                                  64                                         66                                   175.8
Teams in the top 25                           2                                       3
Teams in the bottom 25                     1                                       3

                   Haskins       vs.       Murray
QBR             175.8                      205.7
Comp %        70.20%                 70.90%
Attempts         496                        340
Completions   348                        241
TD                   47                          40

Comment 10 Jan 2019

It may be anecdotal, but Sheffield seemed to regress from a pretty good start.  There were a ton of injuries, new players in the rotation, and obviously questionable coaching and scheming.  I'd like to see him under the tutelage of Hafley, and a new scheme.  

Comment 30 Dec 2018

For those who didn’t watch...

ND go shellacked. They did have some bad breaks via replay, but it’s like they didn’t belong.

OU lost too, and the final score was closer than the game was. Bama went up 28-0.  Murray did play well. One thing no one talked about when he won the Heisman and before the game was how they really didn’t play a hard schedule. Army was the highest ranked D at the end the year. It showed against Bama’s D.  Also their defense is way worse than tOSU’s this year. 

Comment 30 Dec 2018

1.) Beat meatchicken!

2.) DO NOT lose to teams you should easily beat.

3.) Fix the D.

4.) Even if we play out of the gun, please teach all QBs to be able to take snaps from under center for QB sneaks.

5.) DO NOT run the option if the QB never runs the ball.

Comment 17 Dec 2018

This will always be one of my all time favorites.  AMAZING SHOT, with one of the greatest Buckeyes ever IMHO, against one of my least favorite teams.