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AI Predictions & Highlights for Every '19 Buckeyes Game (Awesome)

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June 4, 2019 at 4:01pm

Recently OpenAI released part of something called "GPT-2" which is an AI text generator trained to predict the next word from a set of given words.  It uses  40 gb of text scraped from the web to do this.  They actually refused to released the trained model with 1.5B parameters, but did a limited release with 345M params. 

I've been playing around with it and while it's clearly not human level quality, it's pretty dang impressive.  It lacks some coherence due to being limited, but I thought wouldn't it be fun to have it predict every Ohio State game this season and then generate highlights for each game?

This is some true off-season goodness.  And now for your viewing pleasure, predictions and highlights for every regular season game this year.


  • Spoiler: We finished the season undefeated! (well kinda, there's one inconclusive result which you'll see, LOL)
  • As mentioned, while the construction of sentences is impressive, it lacks some coherence and is often just outputting a lot of (really funny) jibber-jabber.  Like you'd expect from a child who knows a lot of words but doesn't understand the actual subject.
  • I only made very minor edits, like removing a couple sentences that didn't make sense at all.  I assure you that everything written was written by the computer, and the computer alone.
  • The AI even some times generates comments by the coaches which shows an incredible rate of improvement in these kinds of generative AI's.  This truly is cutting-edge stuff, and we have OpenAI to thank for it.
  • It throws a bunch of player names in the mix.  Some are real people who don't nor have they ever played for us, others appear to be completely fabricated.  It does a better job with matching coaches to teams.
  • Let me know what your favorite highlight is!


In order for this to work, it needs some kind of context to start, and it attempts to complete a block of coherent text based on that seed.  Sometimes it generates less, sometimes more, but it's always funny.

I started each game with a prompt like: The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday and the final score was...

So without further ado, enjoy AI predicting our 2019 regular season games:

Florida Atlantic (W) 34-7

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Florida Atlantic on Saturday and the final score was 34-7, Buckeyes. Florida Atlantic was able to keep the game alive.

The Ohio State defense had another solid game, allowing one touchdown on four plays and forcing 12 Florida Atlantic turnovers in order to have four first downs and nine Florida Atlantic turnovers in return.

Florida Atlantic did put some pressure on the Ohio State offense though and had a tough time catching them out of the backfield on fourth-and-13. But the Buckeyes were able to keep going to get in field goals. The Ohio State offense managed to drive 35 yards to the 21-yard line and pass on third and fourth down. Those attempts resulted in two field goals and an interception. One Florida Atlantic attempt on fourth down, though, was blocked by Ohio State's Josh Gasser, resulting in a turnover by the Buckeyes.

Ohio State was able to kick a field goal on fourth down, making the game-winning field goal a little easier to catch.

Ohio State took advantage of Florida Atlantic’s mistakes and got an early opportunity on fourth-and-six when Tre Demps was tipped, allowing James onside to kick the field goal.

The Florida Atlantic defense finished with 13 tackles and two sacks against Ohio State. Ohio State's offensive line, however, allowed five sacks.

Indiana (W) 45-29

The first time the AI generates comments from a coach below!

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday and the final score was 45-29. The Hoosiers took a 29-3 lead into the fourth quarter, but a field goal from quarterback Andrew Norcross gave Ohio State the lead by eight with five minutes left.

"There were times where we thought we gave our fans nothing to celebrate on the field or on the sideline," assistant coach Pat Fitzgerald said. "And our fans never let us down as a team on a football field."

The loss dropped the Hoosiers to 1-7 in conference play this season, which includes Saturday's win over Minnesota. Ohio State, which played Illinois and Illinois State the week before, had won three in a row.

Nebraska (W) - ???

This one never explicitly states the score, but from the context of the highlights, it appears as though we won.  In fact it says the score was "the game score" (LOL).  It also is the only one to randomly say "nah, just kidding".

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday and the final score was the game score.

No. 4 Ohio State won the toss, threw on 4th down, and scored 17.5 seconds into the second quarter on a 34-yard completion to Tiquan Underwood.

Nah, just kidding.

The Huskers were still down 23-7 when the Buckeyes were forced to punt. The play set up a 27-yard keeper. Ohio State's final drive of the game came on a 2nd and long from the Nebraska 26.

The Buckeyes didn't get chances, and the clock ticked down to 2:43.

Now, this play was definitely not flawless. It wasn't called by someone named "Paul" or a playcaller on this team. It wasn't exactly even an opportunity. But the Buckeyes got it done, regardless.

But it was so damn good.

First off, this was another great, clean play by Buckeye Coach Meyer. He called such great looks as early as 4th and 10. Meyer's team couldn't run the ball well after those two plays, and they needed to win by getting the ball out of play.

On third-and-15 from the Nebraska 35 yard line, two plays earlier, an Ohio State defender made a brilliant play.

Northwestern (W) 45-38

How crazy is it that Meyer's commentary sounds just like him here?

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Northwestern Wildcats on Saturday and the final score was a 45-38 decision for the Buckeyes. Northwestern had two early turnovers that allowed Ohio State to put on an offensive show.

The Wildcats had one quick touchdown on the first drive of the Buckeye's first quarter, forcing Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett into two incompletions and ending the scoring drive.

The Buckeyes responded on the next drive, by recovering a kickoff and scored again on their next possession on another rush by Taylor Decker with 9:39 left in the period.

"We gave (the Wildcats) some opportunities there and they didn't give it up; and we got a quick one here and there," Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said. "We put them on the field where it's easy to get takeaways, and we took the ball away and that opened the way, and I thought it took away a lot of momentum."

That momentum was on display in the second quarter as the Buckeyes had a three-and-out and a 3-and-out after a long drive. After another missed field goal try, Northwestern hit a 20-yard field goal.

Maryland (W) 38-37

Shows a level of it's potential coherence here saying we held them to 37 ypp including a 37 yard field goal.  Perhaps a coincidence.

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Maryland Terrapins on Saturday and the final score was 37-38. Maryland quarterback Christian Hackenberg threw for 297 yards on 12-of-16 passing and one touchdown.

This was the Buckeyes' first win over the Terrapins. Ohio State trailed 21-0 at halftime. 

The Ohio State defense held Maryland to 37 yards per play on the game's first four drives, including a 37-yard field goal by Deonte Thompson. Ohio State outscored Maryland 15-3 entering the third quarter and never trailed.

The Terrapins struggled late as Ohio State scored 13 unanswered points in the second quarter.  The Buckeyes did manage to hold on through the fourth quarter, and the Terrapins committed only one turnover in that period, with linebacker Brian Mitchell running for 10 yards.

PSU (W) 49-45

A tackle got a sack here, so that's cool, and apparently the last time we beat PSU was in the NCG! Oh and PSU DB blocked two of our timeouts, haha.  Meyer was disappointed in the win, but a win's a win!

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Penn State Nittany Lions on Saturday and the final score was a 49-45 Buckeyes victory.

Tackle Zach Hebert had a sack, a quarterback hurry and Ohio State got a touchdown in the contest. The last time Ohio State beat Penn State was in 2006 and again in 2003 in the National Championship Game. In 2003, Penn State's Chris Weinke was the last unbeaten player to be beaten in the game by Ohio State.

The two timeouts that Ohio State got were blocked by Penn State defensive back, Barden.  In the final 25 seconds after Barden got stuffed for a loss of five yards, including an illegal drop penalty. The Buckeyes then converted a pair of fourth-and-17 plays on their own 1-yard line with 1:33 remaining.

"We made some mistakes that we really didn't make tonight," OSU coach Urban Meyer said. "We were just not physical, we didn't play smart and we did not show enough passion tonight."

In the fourth quarter, OSU kicker Dan Bailey missed a 31-yard field goal attempt, then was knocked out by a tackle.

Cincinnati (W) 17-14

A close one w/ Cinci!  Whoever Buckle is, played a hell of a game for us!  For some reason it goes on a tangent about SCUM at the end...

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday and the final score was a 17-14 victory for the Buckeyes. Cincinnati also had nine tackles and had a sack. The game got into overtime when Cincinnati took a lead in the fourth quarter before Ohio State answered that lead with two late touchdown drives to cap the comeback.

Buckle had five tackles and added two forced fumbles to help lead Ohio State into the lead. Two plays after Buckle forced the punt, Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett picked up three more yards after an interception inside the Buckeye 18, giving them a halftime lead.

After the Buckeyes started the second half with a touchdown pass to Devin Smith, the Buckeyes got on top and the teams traded field goals, but Ohio State's own defense held on in the fourth quarter and forced a late field goal to preserve the shutout.

It was an extremely impressive final performance by the Buckeyes. They did it against a Michigan team that looked like they were going to win the national championship. The Buckeyes played the Michigan Wolverines a lot in 2012 and they came away victorious, but this time, it's definitely not all been about Michigan. The Buckeyes took care of business for many plays.

Miami OH (W) 27-19

Can't wait till it actually goes over how Ohio State lined up! Maybe in a later episode?

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Miami of Ohio on Saturday and the final score was 27-19 Buckeyes. The score is actually higher because of the field goals made. Both teams had some interesting lineups that allowed both teams to score runs.

But what happened that put Ohio State on a three point lead for the first time this year on the last play of the half?

Ohio State's front seven was supposed to have trouble stopping the run and this is where things get interesting. The Ohio State defensive line has had issues stopping running games throughout the years. 

And, as mentioned above, this is Miami with a defense that could definitely improve moving forward.  The line was just as bad on Saturday as the line was in 2015. The Miami line stopped some running plays but the line failed.

When they looked to attack, the Ohio State defensive line had an advantage. There are not a lot of guys that can block them. On Saturday, Ohio State's line gave up seven of the 19 plays Miami had against Ohio State.

I have not gone over how Ohio State lined up but there were things I noticed from day one that had a major impact on the run.

MSU (W) 25-23

Kinda creepily, it generates a controversy and a tweet out of then air and provide the tweet's URL.  I checked, neither that user or tweet ID exist.  But this gives you a taste of the power of the full version.

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Michigan State Spartans on Saturday and the final score was 25-23 in favor of the Buckeyes. The Spartans had a number of first downs of their own, including their fourth third-down conversion of the day with 8:02 remaining in the fourth quarter.

The Buckeyes ran out the clock with 4.6 seconds remaining and went on to score touchdowns on their next 8 plays. This resulted in a 35-14  Ohio State victory after trailing at halftime.

Ohio State was the better team as they were able to find their footing and score big down the stretch.

One Michigan State player tweeted that the Buckeyes didn't show him much respect because of the way Ohio State played during the game. This led to the Michigan State fan tweeting a picture of Michigan State players during the game and saying they were disrespectful.


The reaction from Ohio State fans was pretty surprising. The crowd took things into their own hands and put on a show after the game, making Penn State sound like a defeated team.

Wisconsin (W) 25-2

Shows a bit more advanced coherence in the score and highlights.  We get some help on offense from some unexpected sources, and an appearance by THE KING.

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday and the final score was 25-2. Ohio State's offense was outstanding on Saturday and Wisconsin finished with a mere three plays. However, the Buckeyes' defense held Wisconsin to two points on the day.

In the red zone, Wisconsin was able to gain 18 yards before the Badgers were sacked eight times and allowed to score just three points.

Ohio State was able to gain 15 yards on six pass plays as well and then ran for another 21 yards and three points once the final drive stalled at the Wisconsin 30 with about five minutes to play.

The Buckeye’s passing attack of DeShone Kizer, Deshaun Watson and Bryce Petty was solid.  The Buckeyes were able to get over the top of the Badgers defense without taking any sacks. The Buckeyes were able to pass the ball for over 300 yards from Kizer, Watson, the tight end and even the quarterback of Kizer, and the linebackers.

Kizer continued to make things difficult for the Badgers offensively while Watson and quarterback Cardale Jones combined to run for over 200 yards (the first time in Ohio State history four different Buckeyes ran over 200 yards in a single game). It's almost impossible to describe how special the offense is.

Rutgers (W) 34-7

Apparently this was payback for Rutgers having beating us in earlier in the season!?

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Rutgers Scarlet Knights on Saturday and the final score was 34-7 in favor of Ohio State. 

The Ohio State Buckeyes, led by three first downs and 31-yard field goals, out-gaining Rutgers 1516 to 1371 and their defense held to just six field goals as the Scarlet Knights offense finished with 8 total points.

"I thought our defense held us to three field goals. That wasn't good enough," said Rutgers coach Chris Ash. "They put up 39, 41 points in terms of the field goal attempts. It wasn't pretty."

"I was pretty pissed off and disappointed with ourselves last night," said Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. "Obviously, you have to say you made a mistake. At the same time, you have to remember that they beat us pretty bad earlier in the season. That's not always a good thing."

Ohio State's offense scored 38 points in the first half on 20-yard punts to open the third quarter.

Shane Long (13 yards) and Jerrick McGovern (5 yards) scored touchdowns as Rutgers took over at the Ohio State 36-yard line. That set up a 17-yard field goal by freshman quarterback Sam Darnold.

THE GAME (W) by four points (lol)

This is freaking hilarious... enough said.

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday and the final score was decided by four points, but there was one significant element involved in the outcome.

Michigan freshman RB Dalvin Cook scored a touchdown for the Buckeyes. But if that's not enough for Michigan fans, then you probably didn't watch Ohio State's game vs. Northwestern.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh even went as far as saying the Wolverines' game against Ohio State was a "biggy."

Harbaugh was making his "Big Game" speech at the halftime news conference with the media, although he didn't give any clues about what he was talking about.

With 7:20 left in the victory, Ryan Anderson, the Buckeyes' leading tackler, was hit in the head and knocked out of bounds after a tackle by defensive back Jamar Summers.

The Buckeyes' first-half scoring came from freshman quarterback Connor Cook. After Cook was hit in the helmet, his running back, James Blackmon, hit wide receiver Austin Seferian-Jenkins in the chest after Seferian-Jenkins was knocked out of bounds by running back Joe Williams and then punched Cook in the face, knocking him out of bounds. After an offensive holding penalty was called, Cook kicked a 44-yard field goal attempt.

After losing both tackles, and with four plays left in the fourth quarter, Williams was tackled by Michigan senior safety Jordan Leggett. In between Leggett's efforts, Ohio State returned six plays for a 17-20 lead with under two minutes left. Ohio State quickly got the Buckeyes to field a field goal and went on to beat Michigan 21-14 and return to the Rose Bowl with the No. 12 national title.

"We got it going for us today. At times we were struggling, but today was fantastic.“





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