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What Does Dan Patrick Have Against Haskins?

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April 29, 2019 at 9:57am

Being a loyal DP Show watcher/listener, it's become evidently clear that he has something against Haskins. Leading up to the draft, all he could talk about was Kyler Murray and that he didn't think Haskins was even worthy of a 1st round pick (Said he's the worst of the 4 this year, and would have been maybe ahead of Lamar Jackson last year). Now I'm not dumb, I get that Kyler makes for more clicks and more ears so that's fine, whatever.

But now, after the draft, all he can talk about is Haskins saying "The league done messed up" and how instead he should be grateful the Redskins took him. Which I find strange considering how much EVERYONE loved Rodgers saying how he'd make the 21 teams who passed on him pay. I'd much rather have the chip on the shoulder QB like Haskins (and shit even Baker) over the "I'm just happy to be here" guy like Drew Lock.

I know this is very unimportant but it will always irk me how Haskins even fell to 15 considering the numbers he put up last year.


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