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Juice Up Spring Games?

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April 14, 2019 at 9:25pm

I'm not sure the north-end renovations are much of an excuse, but it'd sure be nice to see the Buckeyes go back drawing more than 90,000+ each year for their annual Spring Game, although that may be hard to achieve without adding some tackling (or a more recent National Championship in their back pickets). 

The question is... how? 

Whatever to answer to that question might be, it just seems like ti would behoove Ohio State to take a creative lead and provide some sort of value-added entertainment, whether before or after the game?

I'm not sure what that might be--musicians, comedians, contests, fun student events, etc.?

)I'll leave that up to the experts here to discuss and decide what might work, but it seems worth considering since there's already a big captive audience, and it might help to add something extra to the equation to ensure a full house.

Yeah, I know football is the first focus, and it should remain so, but when the scoreboard doesn't really count and nobody's even being hit on the field, well, it just seems like it might be time to get a little creative.

Otherwise, the whole spectacle starts to look like jr. level version of the NFL Pro Bowl, which not only has become a silly exhibition (where no excellence is exhibited), but it's virtually unwatchable.

Consequently, fewer and fewer people are watching it.

The same not only goes for the Buckeye's big Spring Game, but also Alabama's and all sorts of top programs around the country. I DON'T think that's a mere coincidence, especially when people have so many other entertainment options.

However, I'm guessing some smart school will turn this trend into an opportunity, and it'd be a shame if the Buckeyes didn't take the lead. 

Fact is, big crowds can have a big impact on recruits, kinda like, "geez, if this is what a Spring Game is like, just imagine playing here during the season." It's a legit recruiting point, too--i.e., not just the Spring Game itself, per se, but more importantly, being able to say, "look, there's no better fan base in America, and that's gong to translate to unprecedented support after you graduate, job prospects, and so on." 

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