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Is Ohio State the Duke of College Football? (Or is It More Accurate to Say That Duke is the Ohio State of College Basketball?)

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April 1, 2019 at 10:53am

Yes, I know Duke has won 5 titles in the past roughly 30 NCAA tourneys vs just 2 Ohio State nattys in that time period.  But the big difference of course is that Duke gets to play for the national championship every year no matter who upsets them during the regular season or even if they don’t win their conference championship.

In any case, I was really thinking along the lines of the talent level on the Duke squads and fan expectations every year—and the disappointment for many fans when the team falls short of where they expect the squad to wind up (with yesterday being a case in point).

Plus, both Ohio State and Duke seem to generate intense jealousy, dislike, you name it from other fans around the country.

Are there true parallels to be drawn here?  

I think that, due to his 5 titles, Coach K gets far less second-guessing from Duke fans than Buckeye coaches get from football fans.  On the other hand, has he really performed at a higher level given the legitimate chance to win every year?

i don’t have a definitive answer here.  I was just wondering about equating the two programs.

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