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For Your Sunday Schadenfreude Tsun Keeps Giving Even In The Off Season

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February 10, 2019 at 10:25am

For Your Sunday OSU fix courtesy of The Tears from tsun. This may be the only tsun fan that gets it. I disagree on a couple points but most everything he talks about is spot on. The one thing I do agree on is that they can't really fire Hairball. He's one of their own. He's the poster boy for "Real Michigan Men". Justin Field's gaining immediate eligibility is a kick in the nuts since once again they were claiming our demise was just on the horizon since we only had RSfreshmen and a 5th year transfer Chugunov as the  only QB's on scholarship after the Martel transfer. Finally it was a given they would win the "Game" because it's in the city named after a prostitute this year. Enjoy my fellow dubbers,


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