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"You Guys Are Going to Win a National Championship in the Next Two Years."

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January 14, 2019 at 11:19am

This weekend, I was at a party with a bunch of other middle aged people in the non-Ohio city where I live. I realized that one of the party guests was a prominent national college football writer with a specialization in recruitment. He is not one of the OSU specialists/insiders - he is a national guy and you would recognize his name (if you follow recruiting news). 

I approached him and said the words every national football writer dreads: "I am an obsessive Buckeye fan." Alas, he was cornered between the salsa table and the wall, and we talked for 15 minutes. 

TLDR version:

He believes that Justin Fields is so exceptional that - in combination with our 2017 and 2018 recruiting classes aging in - we are going to win a natty in the next two years.

More specific on Fields - his thoughts:

- Didn't come out of HS as game-ready as Trevor Lawrence (different HS coaching, less of the summer stuff). 

- His upside is even greater than Lawrence. He can throw the same quality ball ("just a beautiful ball"), and has better dual threat upside. (he also has a lower floor). He said he has as much arm talent as Haskins and much much better running ability. 

- Variable with Fields is going to be learning to make the reads and make decisions under pressure - no evidence he can't do it, he just has had many fewer opportunities to hone the skill. 

- I asked for his best "comp" and he said... Cam Newton. Said he has that kind of ability to put a team on his back, and the combo of arm talent with ability to take off with the ball.

Why didn't he beat out Fromm? (This was my big question).

- Fromm doesn't make mistakes, so he isn't going to lose the job.

- Fromm is better than people think - this guy thinks he is a 15 year pro, albeit mostly as a backup.

- Fromm is an upper-end "game manager" - which fits perfectly with how Kirby Smart wants to play.

- Fromm has unique leadership skills (like JT Barrett this guy said) - if he was in a room, you would know he was there. 

- Bottom line: Fields has more upside than Fromm, but you can definitely win a natty with Fromm and you don't have to develop him. 

Bonus hot take:

- He thinks (and said other writers think) that Urban just got soft in the last few years. Wouldn't cut Zach, wouldn't cut Bill Davis, wouldn't start Haskins a year ago, and - this seemed interesting - this guy said that many writers feel like Schiano should have been let go a year ago and that his scheme was slipping but UFM wouldn't do it. 

I eventually let this guy get his salsa in peace. But this is the take from a pro, a non-Buckeye fan who has watched an incredible volume of film: Justin Fields will lead us to a national championship with the team he is inheriting. 

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