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Three Former Players I Would Love to See in Our Current Offense

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January 13, 2019 at 10:52am

Ted Ginn - The best punt and kickoff returner I have ever seen at Ohio St, could you imagine what he would do in our wide open offense now.

Terrell Pryor - Yes he who shall not be named for the sin of selling his own stuff. Think about it, him running Meyers zone read offense. He did it here sparingly and did it really well. Imagine the numbers in Urbans offense.

Maurice Clarette - A big bruising runner, didn't have a lot of speed, but he would run people over like a tank. Think Carlos Hyde but even harder to tackle. He would have feasted in this offense due to the running lanes that would have been opened for him

So that was three players I would love to have seen in either Ryan Days offense or Urban Meyers offense. What about you guys? Who would you like to see?

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