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How Do You Feel About the Coaching Staff on Defense?

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January 10, 2019 at 6:28pm

I assume with the addition of Matt Barnes, we are completely set on coaches on the defensive side of the ball.

DL - Larry Johnson Sr.

LB - Al Washington

Secondary/Co-DC - Jeff Hafley

Co-DC (presumed play caller and main DC) - Greg Mattinson

Special teams and DB assistant - Matt Barnes

So what do you think about this setup? Is this the right collection of coaches that can turn this defense around, into the dominant silver bullets of years past?

My personal opinion: ABSOLUTELY!! I think Ryan Day hit it out of the ballpark and here's why. The defense is run by a veteran in Greg Mattinson. I think it's vitally important to have a guy with years of experience coaching defense and calling defense, being the coordinator. Secondly, there is a good blend of NFL wisdom sprinkled into the defense. Both Mattinson and Hafley have years of experience coaching in the NFL. Thirdly, we got some great recruiters on the staff.  LJ, Washington, and Mattinson are proven to be very effective recruiters. Fourth, the defense overall has a great combination of youth and veterans. Guys like Washington and Hafley (two guys I assume want to work their way up the coaching ranks) mesh well with savy veterans like LJsr and Mattinson who have no doubt seen it all.

So by my counts, Experience? Check. (proven) Recruiting? Check. (successful) NFL pedigrees? Check.

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