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Overview/Opinions on Taver Johnson and Greg Studrawa

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January 7, 2019 at 4:19am

I'd like to hear some opinions about these two. Do you think they should be retained by Ryan Day, and who you would like to see replace them if you think they should be let go. I'm not as negative about Taver Johnson and Greg Studrawa as a lot of people are, and it actually surprises me when I see so many fans talking about how badly they want these two gone. With that being said, I'm posting this primarily to hear more opinions on the two of them; why do you think they need to be let go/retained? I personally don't think that they should be dismissed from the staff this season unless we're able to pick up a replacement who is clearly an upgrade. I'll explain my reasoning, starting with Johnson:

I'm not here to say Johnson is phenomenal, but it was only his first season. I know Sheffield and Arnette didn't improve the way we all hoped they would, but Okudah and Wade definitely did. That could be a sign that Sheffield and Arnette are just at their ceilings. Also, Kerry Coombs is one of the the best cornerback coaches in the country and that's what we were used to for 6 seasons. Maybe Taver Johnson isn't as good as Coombs, but most coaches aren't; it's too early to conclude that Taver Johnson is a bad coach. If the performance of the corners under him next season isn't where it should be, then I agree it's time to look elsewhere because there's great talent and potential at that position. In the meantime, I don't think it's terrible by any means if Johnson is coaching the corners again next season. 


Like I said about Johnson, I don't think Studrawa is some amazing coach. We could definitely have it worse though (remember Jim Bollman). First of all, we've gotten some really highly-ranked offensive line commits under him, e.g.,  Davis, Myers, Petit-Frere, Matt Jones, Harry Miller. It's gotta say something that guys like them who could go anywhere like the idea of Studrawa being their position coach. We've seen Isaiah Prince improve a lot under him, and Thayer Munford improved so much in such a short time that he started at left tackle this season- a position that everybody thought Prince would get. His offensive line units at OSU, for the most part, have been good in pass protection; this year's line protected Haskins well, overall.  Next season will be a great way to evaluate Studrawa. We'll have four new starters and the O-line is the biggest concern about next year's team so we'll get a great look at Studrawa's ability to develop players. 

To sum it up, as of now, I think Johnson deserves one more year, and I don't think Studrawa has been as bad as some fans seem to believe. I don't think replacing them is a necessity, and I'm far more worried about replacing Davis at the moment. Again, I want to hear more takes on them, so let me know what you think.


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