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Comment 5 hours ago

I agree. 

Burrow played against six top-20 defenses last year--Miss St. (2), Bama (12), Auburn (14), UGA (15), Miami (18), UF (20). I'd say his numbers were pretty good when you take that into account, and he looked really good at the end of the year.

I'll always root for Burrow unless he's playing against OSU or playing in a game where we needed LSU to lose for a playoff spot.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I was only talking about Tressel's seasons from 2005-2010. Before then he also had a 5-loss season, a 4-loss season, a 26pt loss to Iowa, and a loss to a 5-7 Purdue team. I'd say Tressel's 2nd loss to USC was against a team who was only USC in name only also.

I don't have anything against Tressel; I think he was a better game manager than Meyer. I'm just saying we weren't gonna be able to consistently compete at the top with him--and I mean really at the top. This showed during the 3-year bowl-loss streak to UF, LSU, and Texas.

The way we recruited under Meyer has changed everything

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Urban didn't resurrect Ohio State, but he made us into a legitimate contender on a yearly basis. Looking at OSU from 2005-2010 before Fickell, there's something that stands out.

1-2 vs Texas

0-2 vs USC (one of the losses was a blowout)

Blowout loss to UF

2 TD loss to LSU

We hit a point under Tressel where we couldn't beat other top programs--and I mean truly at the top during that time--nationwide. We beat Oregon, which was a statement win for Tress/OSU, but it was Chip Kelly's 1st season and Oregon hadn't yet become the team they were between 2010-2014. We beat Arkansas after that but, even if they had a solid team that year, Arkansas wasn't a consistent top program.

Meyer took our recruiting to another level, won a National Championship in a playoff where we beat 2 teams who had been consistently at/near the top of college football for quite a few seasons prior to that, and he beat a top-10 team in our bowl game every year we missed the playoff.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Yeah, some players on the  2016 squad who weren't quite yet the players they were during their last season at OSU would definitely be guys like Parris Campbell, Dre'Mont Jones, Denzel Ward, Nick Bosa, etc.

That 2016 team did have three 1st-rd picks, two 2nd-rd picks, and a 3rd-rd pick in the draft following the season though. They also had literally no weaknesses defensively. I'd pick them in a hypothetical matchup against the 2012 squad if I had to choose 

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Yeah but you have to take into account how good players were at the time.

Adolphus Washington, Michael Bennett, Doran Grant, Joshua Perry, Jeff Heuerman, and Michael Thomas would be a few examples of guys who definitely weren't the same player in 2012 as the players we saw win it all in 2014.

It's not something that can necessarily be assessed without going back and watching the games (besides through stats which don't always tell the full story), but you have to try to think of the starters/major contributors on the 2012 team and how good they were at that time. Not a weak group of guys by any means at all, but I definitely think that was the weakest roster Meyer had at OSU

Comment 17 Apr 2019

Regardless of how Day does as the head coach, I'll always believe that giving him the job was the best choice at the time. The two names I saw mentioned the most by fans as guys they thought should've been interviewed were Matt Campbell and Luke Fickell.

Campbell has never coached--even as an assistant--at a big-time program. He was an assistant at Toledo before getting promoted to head coach, and then he eventually took the Iowa State job. That means he hasn't been on the recruiting trail at the top level at any point in his career, because Iowa State isn't the type of school that's competing against Bama, Clemson, UGA, etc. for the best talent nationwide. It also means that he's never been in a program with an environment even close to OSU's--he may have not handled it well.

When it comes to Fickell, it's important to remember that we can offer him at any time and he'll accept. If over the next 3 years, Day doesn't well while Fickell is winning 9+ games per year, we'd be able to hire Fickell with one phone call. I think it was worth taking the risk on Day and hoping he becomes the next big-time head coach, because he very likely could've left OSU and done exactly that; then we'd all be pissed we didn't keep him.

Day's inheriting a great situation, and the changes he's made so far seem to be smart and strategic. He didn't try to fix anything that wasn't broken, and he's addressed everything that needed to be addressed.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Again, a linebacker needs to be able to defend the run first and Werner was weak in that aspect of the game.

Trust me, I'm not isolating Werner--I place a lot of the blame for the struggles last year on Borland. I'm not saying Harrison was perfect, but he was definitely better than the other two by a pretty decent margin.

I did watch the Michigan game and you're right to say Werner was good in coverage that day, even though it's not something to be overly impressed about because Michigan didn't have a very good offense or passing attack. I'll give Werner his credit though; I saw him make a 3rd down stop that forced a field goal, and he had good man coverage against Evans on another 3rd down when they motioned Evans out as the #1 receiver in a 5-wide set--he was in solid position and right on Evans so I won't take that away from him even though Mich got the 1st down. 

I also saw Werner do an awful job filling gaps in that game on multiple instances that lead to Higdon breaking a big run though.

First of all, you're probably gonna be most effective at the position you're most comfortable--that seems relatively straightforward. Are you actually saying that you don't think that Browning should even be tried at Sam, and that you agree with not even trying him at Sam last year? If so, you may be the only OSU fan who feels that way. Besides, how can they figure out where he's most effective (as you put it) if they don't test him at different positions?

To be clear, I absolutely think Pete Werner has potential to become a good player who can compete at the top level of college football (unlike Borland) because he's athletic and his mistakes are more mental than physical, which means they can be fixed. I'm not saying Browning should be named the starting Sam over him right this second. I am saying, just like many Buckeye fans, that I think he should be tried out at Sam in practice because he seems to be a good fit there and we'll never know if we don't try. I don't see how you could possibly disagree with that.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

I actually just went and found this 11W article from a few years back that talks about our use of both the split zone and the jet motion counter-trey against Oregon. Elliott had touchdown runs off both plays. I do remember the 2nd half being more focused on the jet motion counter-trey though

Comment 16 Apr 2019

If I had my say, the committee would have specified "the four best conference champions" from the start and when ND asked "what about us?" they could have responded with "find a conference". 

The committee still should've responded with "find a conference" this past season.

Running the table with a 7-pt win over Michigan at home in Week 1 being your best win isn't anything impressive, especially after we beat Michigan by 23.

A P5 team could possibly go 12-0 and then lose their conference championship game. If you put a 12-0 ND in over a team in that situation, you're rewarding ND for not playing in a conference

Comment 16 Apr 2019

ND doesn't believe they have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

You listed this as an issue with the current system, which it is, but you still think it was right to put them in last season? All that decision did was reward them for taking a shortcut

Comment 16 Apr 2019

I understand, but I'm just referring to the fact that the champion of our conference--a team that beat us--was left out while we made it in 2016. That also leads to the question of why the committee put us above Washington though. Washington beat multiple ranked teams throughout the year and won their conference

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Thank you. 

People use that argument as if it's gonna happen every year but I can't remember the last time I've seen an upset in a conference championship game, unless you count a #10 MSU team (11-1) beating us in 2013, which wasn't a scenario where a 4+ loss team made the playoff.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

1) Browning said himself that he'd be more comfortable on the outside

2) It's now evident that the best players weren't always the ones on the field, especially after the Brendon White situation

3) They never even tried him at Sam, even though Werner was awful last season

4) Look at the way our linebackers have performed the last two seasons. We have plenty of reason to question the competence of Davis & Schiano

5) I don't think our new coaches have concluded that he isn't a Sam yet. Borland sat throughout spring, and they needed a 1st and 2nd string Mike. There's a really good chance they'll try Browning at Sam when Borland gets back, especially because it seems as if Mitchell is the best guy we have at Mike and Day still wants to try to get Browning on the field.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

And you're just wrong regarding non-conference games.  

 We may view that differently, but it's a hypothetical and neither one of us could possibly be "wrong" about this particular matter.

Your scenario also opens up the possibility where teams rest players at the end of the year after divisions are clinched.

Teams already do this...Pat Fitzgerald admitted to doing it this past year. Divisions also aren't always clinched weeks in advance, and I also highly doubt many teams would be willing to rest players and place their entire playoff birth on one game especially because many teams play rivals in the final week of the season.

I can honestly live with the 4-team playoff, but I can't live with the unclear criteria that the committee uses to rank teams. Beating UM and Northwestern by more than ND did, winning a P5 conference, winning @PSU, and having a highly-ranked offense/Heisman contender (the reason they gave for OU over us) wasn't enough to make up for the Purdue meltdown and get in over ND?

Obviously it wasn't, and it has seemed over the years that the committee values # of losses more than anything. But if that were the case, why was UGA ranked ahead of us also?

If you think 4 teams is the best way that's fine, but you're not going to tell me the current system itself is the best way.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Okay so in the current system if Clemson had gotten upset, what would've happened? You have a 14-0 SEC champ Bama, a 12-0 independent ND, a 12-1 Big Ten champ OSU, a 12-1 Big Ten Champ Oklahoma, and a 12-1 non-champ Clemson. If you leave Clemson out but put ND in, you're rewarding ND for not playing a conference championship. If you leave OSU out but put Clemson in, you're saying that conference championships don't matter at all.

Reward the P5 champs, and there's still room for the 3 best teams other than those 5. 

I think you're incredibly naive if you think the 4 best teams have been in the playoff each year, and that the system is working. You also realize that an 8-team playoff would allow teams room to mess up, so they'd be more likely to schedule a strong OOC game, right? 

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Yes because it allows teams more of a chance to control their own destiny.

Let's say, hypothetically, Pitt had upset Clemson. Pitt would've gotten in, which would've kinda sucked but Clemson would still have been in the playoff in that situation. Besides, you did say you want regular season games to count so why not make the conference title games count as much as possible also?

Is a 4-team playoff system where ND doesn't play in a conference fair to you? I mean if they would've just joined the ACC instead of doing this whole deal they have where they play a certain amount of ACC teams every year, the blowout loss to Clemson would've happened during the season and we wouldn't have had to waste a Semi-Final game with that. 

I just see 8 teams as the only way to ensure that the 4 most competitive teams are actually in

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Agreed. First of all, the 10-3 (before the Rose Bowl) Washington team last season lost 3 games by a total of 10pts. I would've picked them in a hypothetical matchup with ND, and they would've given Oklahoma a run just like they gave us a run.

The focus on # of losses makes sense, but it shouldn't hold more weight than every other consideration. In 2007, LSU went 11-2 and still made (& won) the BCS championship game back when it was only 2 teams because they were clearly the best team.

The eye-test is subjective, so the best way to go about it is to just go to 8 teams reward the P5 champs. There's still room for 3 other teams, so it's essentially guaranteed that every real contender will get their chance

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Everyone has a preference, and no format is perfect. 

It's cool that the regular season means so much, but it also kinda sucks. Many teams are on a completely different level in Week 12 than they were in Week 1. I'm not saying that performance & losses shouldn't be taken into account, but I am saying that teams make mistakes and I think that they should have the chance to make up for one mistake. 

All I know is the OSU team I saw against Mich, Northwestern, and for the first 2 & 1/2 quarters of the game against Washington was better than Oklahoma and ND. Should the Purdue loss and rough performances have been ignored? No. Would an 8-team playoff that gave the higher seed home-field advantage in the 1st-round be a fair chance to make up for that? Yes. 

Going with 8 teams also gives the Group-of-5 a chance to at least compete. I never really cared about that honestly, but watching UCF claim a national title changed my mind