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Comment 11 Oct 2020

Exactly. Every linebacker followed their keys and filled the right gap.

The way offenses are today -- with all of the different RPO and read-option variations -- makes playing linebacker extremely challenging in general. Everyone has to stick to their responsibilities, and doing that sometimes makes it look as if one of our linebackers made the wrong read, or didn't attack the play correctly, but that usually isn't the case. 

Comment 11 Oct 2020


but I personally think Saban is starting to lose his touch with defensive scheming.

I especially agree with this part. As I said in my response to EZE, I think the Alabama's coaching staff quality is more important to their success now than ever before due to Saban's age. Saban will be 69 this month, and I think it becomes much harder with age for a head coach to make changes to what he's done for so long without the proper support system in place.

A good parallel to draw is the way Meyer parted with Beck and Warinner after 2016 and replaced them with Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day. Wilson has arguably the most impressive resume of any offensive coach in the country and had shown a lot of innovation during his time at Indiana, while Day was a younger coach with experience as an assistant in a wide variety of offenses who could bring schematic ideas that neither Meyer nor Wilson had used before. We had to get away from the basic, out-dated version of the spread offense Meyer had been using since the 2007 season at Florida, and Meyer knew he couldn't make that change without help from the right guys.

Saban had the younger, more innovative DC he needed for 10 seasons -- Smart from 2008-2015 & Pruitt from 2016-2017 -- but I don't think he has that in Pete Golding right now. Golding meets the "younger" parameter, I suppose, but he hasn't shown that he's able to make the changes needed to deal with some of the newer offensive concepts that are being used today.

Comment 11 Oct 2020

I do share some of your concern about how the unusual pre-season preparation could affect us, but I don't think it's the main reason for Bama's defensive struggles.

and they all didn't just forget how to play and coach down there.

See I think the problem is simply that the coaches they have on the defensive side of the ball now just aren't as good as the coaches they used to have. The statistics show that Bama's defense has not performed nearly as well as we were accustomed to seeing ever since Jeremy Pruitt left for the Tennessee job after the 2017 season.

In 2015 (with Kirby Smart as DC), Bama's defense was ranked 3rd in the country in YPG. In 2016 (with Jeremy Pruitt as DC), their defense was ranked 2nd in the country in YPG. In 2017 (with Jeremy Pruitt as DC), their defense was ranked 1st in the country in YPG.

After Pruitt left, Saban hired Tosh Lupoi as DC and Pete Golding as Co-DC for the 2018 season. Alabama's defense finished 16th in YPG that year (not bad, but certainly not up to their typical standard).

Lupoi left that off-season for an NFL job offer so Saban promoted Pete Golding to DC/ILB coach for 2019 and Alabama's defense finished 13th in YPG. Again, this isn't bad, but it wasn't what they were used to under Smart and Pruitt. Bama did have a lot of injuries last season, but they also benefitted from playing against very few good offenses. When they did play against good offenses in their games against Ole Miss, LSU, and Auburn they gave up 31, 46, and 48 points, respectively.

Pete Golding is their DC/ILB coach again this season, and I'm just not sure he's all that great. He definitely seems to be a huge drop-off from both Kirby Smart and Jeremy Pruitt. I also think it's worth noting that he didn't have any Power-5 coaching experience before coming to Bama, nor did he have any experience coaching Inside Linebackers (

As Buckeye fans we all know how important replacement hires are, especially at the coordinator spots. With Saban getting up there in age, I think the quality of his coaching staff is more important to his success now than it ever has been in the past. 

Comment 10 Oct 2020

What did he do wrong here? That's a common way to defend zone plays, and Browning was scraping over to his gap/responsibility. That's why Werner (correctly) scraped over and filled the A-gap, which would normally be the Mike's responsibility. Al Washington made a video a few months back where he talked about how our LB's are coached to defend zone, and this is one of the ways they're taught to do so. (Link to that video:

Watch the very first play in this video where Young and Harrison combine on the TFL. The offense runs the exact same play as in the clip you posted, and Borland defends it the exact same way Browning did. Borland's read here was correct, just like Browning's was correct in that clip against Cincinnati you posted. 

Defending zone plays nowadays isn't always too straightforward, and defenses even need to mix up the ways they defend it to prevent offenses from finding some weak spot that they can exploit.

Comment 10 Oct 2020

If Coombs is going to take the next step as a coach, I think he needs to learn to call it from the box so he can see everything.

Coombs said he plans to coach from the sidelines, but I agree with what you're saying and I'd prefer him in the box like Hafley.

I'd be fine with Mattison in the box too but Mattison has always coached from the sidelines, even when he was Co-DC at Florida and DC at Michigan. I can't imagine he makes the transition to the press box at age 70 in his 45th year of coaching D1 College Football. I'm sure Matt Barnes will remain in the press box, but I'd definitely like one of our coordinators up there as well.

I will say that Mattison and Charlie Strong both coached from the sidelines as Co-DC's at Florida from 2005-2007, and they fielded some damn good defenses, so coaching with Coombs also on the sideline wouldn't be completely new to Mattison at least.

Comment 10 Oct 2020

Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the misunderstanding!

I actually sort of missed the fact that this article has Brown listed as a #2 at corner. I agree with everything you said about Brown filling in and doing well last season, and I thought it was a given that he'd be one of the starters at corner. I mean I think there's a reason Brown played more than any defensive back (including safeties) who wasn't a starter last season.

I know Coombs said he was going to do more rotating at CB, which we saw him do quite a bit during his first stint at OSU, so I think Brown, Banks, and Williamson will all play meaningful snaps, especially given the fact that our base defense uses 3 CBs. I'm not sure if they'll be playing him at the other outside CB spot opposite Wade or at the inside CB spot, but I do expect Brown to be on the field for the first defensive snap this season. 

Comment 10 Oct 2020

I guess I'm a little confused by your reply. 

I didn't say anything about Banks being ahead of Brown, and I included the statistics that Brown played 254 snaps last year while Banks played 170 snaps with a link to the article confirming that, so I didn't say Banks played more than Brown either. The point I made in my comment about CB depth was just that both Brown and Banks played a fair amount as backups last year so it's not like they're completely inexperienced, even though they'll be first-time starters.

Comment 10 Oct 2020

Who are you dropping exactly?

My thoughts exactly. I'm quite happy with the current DB commits in this class.

They're all 4*s with the exception of JJ, who is an Ohio kid they obviously really like. 

Another thing worth noting about JJ (I'm assuming you're talking about Jaylen Johnson) is that they've talked about him potentially playing outside linebacker rather than safety at OSU. Rivals actually has him as an outside linebacker and lists him at 212lbs (247 has him as a safety and lists him at 200lbs).

I think his potential to play either OLB or Safety at the next level makes him much more valuable than his 3* ranking indicates. 

Comment 10 Oct 2020

Personally, I think DT is a much bigger concern than CB at the moment. 

Wade-Banks-Brown just feels light years behind Okudah-Arnette-Wade

I understand this but, remember, almost nobody in our fanbase thought highly of Arnette prior to last season. We've seen at least one of our corners take a major leap every season in recent years (aside from 2018 with Taver Johnson as CB coach). I think our CB room is very talented and we know they're well-coached so I'm confident that our CB play will be good this season.

I also think it's important that both Banks and Brown played a fair amount last season--Brown played 254 snaps & Banks played 170 snaps.(

A drop in DT production (vs. last year) probably won't kill us

I'm far more worried about DT because the drop in production at that position could potentially be huge. Our DT play in 2019 was very good both in pass rush and against the run. Losing three 5th-year seniors who had all been contributing since 2016 is a big deal, and all of those guys made a lot of big plays last season.

I wouldn't be too worried about our DT depth if Haskell Garrett and Taron Vincent were both healthy, but I'm definitely a little concerned about it at the moment. Without those two, I think the drop in depth/production at DT is much larger than the drop at CB.

These are just my thoughts. I can still understand why some fans would be more concerned about CB.

Comment 09 Oct 2020

I made a similar comment on the article about Hamilton losing his black stripe a couple weeks back, but I'll say it again here:

After watching Hamilton's high school highlights, I couldn't believe he was only given a 3-star rating, and none of the talk about how well he's performed so far has surprised me. I'm really happy for the kid!

Comment 29 Sep 2020

These are my thoughts as well.

Just look how many blowouts we've had in the semi-final games as it is with 4 teams. There have been 6 playoffs so far, which means there have been 12 semi-final games and only 3 of those games have actually been good and entertaining  (2014-2015 OSU-Bama, 2017-2018 UGA-Oklahoma, and 2019-2020 OSU-Clemson).

Comment 28 Sep 2020

All good points.

I think besides QB, obviously, defensive back is the hardest position when it comes to making the transition from HS to College. Very few HS teams have a great passing attack, and even fewer have D1 caliber receivers. Also, HS teams don't play a lot of man defense. 

I'm confident that our DB's will develop well, just as they have under Coombs in the past.

Comment 26 Sep 2020

I agree with 2015 OSU. No way that Bama beats the OSU team I saw against Michigan and ND that year, but that's something I could only say in hindsight. We played awful all year, and we had no business losing to that MSU team. 2015 will always be a disappointment, but we did it to ourselves. Plus, I just don't think MSU or Oklahoma had a legitimate claim that they were the best. No one really believed those teams could win. I wasn't trying to imply that making the playoff gives a team a legitimate claim that they're the best, because I think there have been plenty of playoff times who absolutely could not claim that.

I can't see 2018 UGA beating Clemson that year, but even if you did count them, I don't think ND or Oklahoma had a legitimate claim that they were the best. Everyone was expecting blowouts in both of the semi-finals that year, which is what ended up happening.

Another example is the 2019 CFP - the whole country knew LSU, OSU, and Clemson all had a chance to win, but nobody thought Oklahoma could possibly win.

Like I said, I don't think there's any perfect playoff system. I'm just not sure if 8 teams is the definite way to go, even though I do see the advantages to that format. 

Comment 26 Sep 2020

I think there are advantages to an 8-team playoff, but I'd prefer to keep it at 4 honestly. I think it'd be almost perfect if you had ND and another team join the Big 12 and create divisions instead of their current round-robin format. ND shouldn't ever be rewarded again for going undefeated and then sitting out during conference championship weekend. Also, the current Big 12 format almost guarantees the chance for a rematch if you go 11-1 because there's no stress of having to win a division and it makes your biggest regular season conference game less important. Oklahoma got to rematch Texas in 2018, which is the type of game that should really only happen once a year, and that win secured their spot. Baylor got the chance to rematch Oklahoma in 2019 and almost won in OT which would've given them a playoff spot even though they clearly weren't a top-4 team.

I think this works because, in my opinion, the biggest problems we've seen so far are:

1. ND getting in over a 12-1 conference champion OSU team in 2018 even though we beat both Michigan and Northwestern by a lot more than they did. 

2. The fact that Oklahoma has performed terribly overall in their 4 appearances (4 losses & only 1 close game), but they keep getting chances because they're in such a weak conference.

Also, the problems that I have with an 8-team format:

1. Based on what we've seen, there's a pretty big drop-off after the top 2 or 3 teams, which is why there have only been about 3 good semi-final games in the 6 years we've had the CFP. At some point, it just seems ridiculous to give more teams the chance to compete for the title.

2. It'd lead to rivalry game rematches, and I'm just a believer that some games are really only meant to be played once a year (OSU-Michigan, Alabama-Auburn, etc.).

At the end of the day, there's no perfect system, but I don't think there's ever more than 4 teams who have a legitimate argument that they're the best. I think the changes that need to be made have to do with the conferences/scheduling in the regular season - stop letting the ACC & SEC teams play an FCS team every year instead of a 9th conference game, tell ND to join a conference or forfeit their right to go to the playoff, and have every conference operate under roughly the same format.

Comment 25 Sep 2020

 I also think Browning more often play closer to the line of scrimmage, playing more of a Jack LB role.  

This something I've been thinking about quite a bit. I'm anticipating a lot more 4-LB sets this year for two reasons:

1. The amount of the talent we have at the position

2. Pete Werner's versatility. We saw plenty of looks with him at safety last season (mainly against Cincy, Wisconsin, and a few times against Clemson if I remember correctly), and he did well. 

I definitely anticipate we'll continue to see some the same 4-4 set we used last season. I could also see us doing some 4-3 with Werner at safety, because he's shown that he can do it. Lastly, as you said, I could see some 3-4 with Browning as the Jack and Werner, Borland, and Mitchell at the other 3 spots.

Comment 25 Sep 2020


Zack Harrison
Tyler Friday OR Javonte Jean-Baptise


Tyreke Smith OR Jonathan Cooper
Noah Potter

I'd take away the "OR" between Friday and JJB and put one of them in the spot you have Potter in. I still don't quite see Potter having much of a role this season.

If you look at last year's depth chart, Potter isn't even listed despite the fact that Cooper wasn't on the depth chart either ( 

The only difference now is Cooper having a spot on the depth chart instead of Young. Either way, there are still 5 guys at the position in front of him, and you can only rotate so many guys. I don't mean any disrespect to Potter, I just think he's in a crowded room. 

Comment 25 Sep 2020

I've always been opposed to the idea of a guaranteed G5 bid in an 8 team playoff. Much better to have 3 at large bids that could include a G5 team. 

My thoughts exactly.

Comment 22 Sep 2020

I've also been under the belief that Bama will be better than Clemson in 2020.

Clemson lost a lot of key players, including 4 out of their 5 O-line starters, and their recruiting from 2016-2019 really wasn't that great (their 2020 class was really good but they're also just true freshman this year).

Bama, on the other hand, has consistently recruited at the elite level. I also think a lot of people downplay how badly Bama was hit with injuries last season. They had 6 starters on BOTH sides of the ball miss time last season, and a lot of those guys missed extended time or suffered season-ending injuries.

Comment 28 Jul 2020

So, if LJ has this magic power of getting the most out of his guys how come he was able to develop Joey, Nick, & Chase so well, but not Pitmann, Washington, Holmes, or Cooper to the same degree?

Se'Von Pittman was never coached by Larry Johnson; he only played at OSU in 2012 before transferring. Johnson's first year at OSU was 2014.

Adolphus Washington played D-end, 3-tech, and Nose Tackle during his time at OSU, and I think moving between positions affects how good a player can get for obvious reasons. However, he still performed well at each position and had a good career. He was named a 1st-team All-American by Sporting News in 2015, and he got drafted in the 3rd round. Can't complain too much about how he performed.

Jalyn Holmes got most of his playing time in 2016 & 2017 when we had a 4-man rotation at D-end between Holmes, Nick Bosa, Sam Hubbard, and Tyquan Lewis. In that situation, it's tough to rack up crazy stats but Holmes still played well throughout his career and was drafted in the 4th round. I don't think he underperformed at OSU.

As for Jonathon Cooper, you can argue that he has underachieved so far, but injuries have a lot to do with that. He only played in 4 games last season, but he looked good in the little time he got (including against Michigan). I'd like to see him get another season before deciding whether or not he's underperformed.

And, while Gary underachieved under Mattison et. al's watch, UM has had a number of other guys that have overachieved.  

Plenty of OSU D-linemen have overachieved under Larry Johnson, as well, which has to be considered. Tyquan Lewis wasn't rated super high as a recruit but he was a 1st-team All-Conference player twice, including winning Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year in 2016, and he got drafted in the 2nd round.

Sam Hubbard also wasn't super highly-ranked, and was listed as an Athlete rather than a D-End, but became an All-Conference player who got drafted in the 3rd round.

More recently, Robert Landers and DaVon Hamilton were both 3-star recruits. Landers was a major contributor for 4 years who made a ton of plays. Hamilton was an All-Conference player in 2019, and got drafted in the 3rd round.

Comment 14 Jul 2020

I was referring more specifically to the Lincoln Riley era, but you're right and you make a good point.

and a lot of their points in the Bama and LSU games came after the outcome had clearly been decided, if I remember correctly.

Alabama went up 28-0 in the 2nd quarter before coasting the rest of the way, so you're right about that game.

LSU was up 49-14 at half, so the game was over. Both teams put up 14 more in the 2nd half. 

Comment 14 Jul 2020

Clemson is a given, but I have 2 other teams that come to mind:

1. I really hated FSU when Jameis Winston was their starting QB (2013 & 2014). It seemed like we heard about a different player getting in trouble for something every week, but there were never any punishments/suspensions. Ohio State would've been blasted by the media if we did that.

2. I really hate Oklahoma right now. They play no defense (nor does the rest of their conference), they keep squeezing their way into the playoff despite not looking that great all year because they play in a weak conference, and they're now 0-3 in the playoff - including two blowout losses. Lincoln Riley gets way more praise than he deserves.

Comment 14 Jul 2020

The independence thing poses a huge problem in today's format with the CFP.

In 2018, we would've made the playoff if ND actually joined the ACC because they would've played Clemson either in the regular season or the ACC Championship game (depending on what division they were in). Instead, a playoff game was wasted on a game that should've already taken place, and ND wasn't even competitive.

Comment 10 Jul 2020

I think you’re going to see a trend of hiring internally going forward like Oklahoma and OSU have done. 

I agree with this, and there are a lot of other examples of this working well over the last 15 years or so - Chip Kelly at Oregon, David Shaw at Stanford, and Kyle Whittingham at Utah all come to mind.

If Saban has at least 3-4 years left in him, then that coach probably isn’t even on staff yet and might not even be really known around the country. 

This is very true, and I think it could also be Pete Golding, assuming he each sticks around. Obviously, this is contingent on Bama's defense getting back to the way it was under Kirby Smart and Jeremy Pruitt. Their defense had a "down" year in 2019 (they finished 21st overall in YPG), but they had a ton of injuries, so I don't think Pete Golding deserves much blame.