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Grinch Will Look Like a Genius

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January 4, 2019 at 1:34pm

Was just thinking about this: Alex Grinch has positioned himself to become one of the most highly-sought-after DCs for years to come and we don't even really know how good he is.

  • In his tenure at Wazzou, he took a perennially awful defense to a very good place. However, there are a number of factors that could have contributed to this success which would have little to do with his own ability.
  • Comes to OSU, becomes co-DC on statistically-worst defense ever. But because we don't know the dynamics of his relationship with Schiano and who really called the formations, he can pin it all on Greg and come out unscathed.
  • Goes to OU, one of the statistically-worst defenses in FBS. If he even does a marginally good job there, it'll look like a complete turnaround. 

And he can accomplish all this without really showing any coaching ability. Honestly I don't think we'll know how good he is as a coordinator until he goes somewhere with the prestige of an OSU or OU, where he's also taking over for a coordinator who has a good defense. Until then, he's gonna look like a genius of a coach.

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