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D.J. Byrnes Response to 2018 Worst Takes

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December 29, 2018 at 11:35am

Wanted to share this on here. I don't know the intimate details about D.J., his departure from 11W (outside of his political aspirations), or much of anything really, but I know I did always enjoy his Skull Sessions, and I thought he gave a measured, logical response about Urban, stemming from his infamous and generally unpopular tweets about Urban's retirement.

In case you didn't see the aforementioned tweets in Kevin's Worst #takes of 2018 Article:


You can read his blog post - Adios, Urban - here: https://rooster.substack.com/p/adios-urban

Final note: Let's not make this political. D.J. is obviously very vocal about his political views, but this is a post about his take on Ohio State's program and not his personal political situation.

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