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Dwayne Haskins Mock Drafts

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December 18, 2018 at 2:10am

All this talk about Haskins going to the draft got me thinking about it and it seems I have a rather unpopular opinion that if he's not a top 10 pick he should come back because the contracts and signing bonus's are much less after 10. So I decided to look around the mock drafts and see where he was projected with the contract details of that pick in the 2018 draft.

SB Nation: #5 to the Jags. 2018 pick Bradley Chubb: 27.5mil/18.1 bonus

Walter Football: #10 to the Giants. 2018: Josh Rosen: 17.84mil/11 bonus

NJ.com: #5 to the Giants. 2018 Chubb: 27.5mil/18.1mil bonus

CBS Sports: #3 Raiders: 2018: Darnold 30.25mil fully guaranteed/20mil bonus

McShay: #10 Giants: 2018: Josh Rosen: 17.84mil/11mil bonus

Bleacher Report: #14 to the Broncos: Marcus Davenport 13.8mil/8mil bonus

As you can tell the money difference even from #10 to #14 is fairly large. #10 being 17.84/11mil compared to 13.8mil/8mil for #14. 

I guess the question Haskins would have to ask himself is is 7 million in a year worth the risk of staying in school/going pro? Obviously he'll get his evaluations and see where he falls in most educated circles but assuming these projections are at least mostly accurate (anywhere from 3-14). Whatever he does, I'll support him but it's a hellva situation to be in. 

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